Alex de la Iglesia’s ‘Four’s a Crowd’ Pounced On by Filmax (EXCLUSIVE)

Alex de la Iglesia’s latest production, feature “Four’s a Crowd,” is being brought onto the Cannes Film Market by Filmax, which has acquired international sales rights.

Described by Filmax as a “wild romantic comedy,” “Four’s a Crowd” turns on Julian, a 50-year-old divorced man who starts to use an app to share his car with strangers and most especially Lorena, a young woman with whom Julian would like to share much more.

He’s about to open up to Lorena when he’s lumbered unexpectedly with a fourth passenger, possibly the most annoying person on the planet, who sparks a radical change in the course of events.

“Four’s a Crowd” is “a very personal reflection on human joy and misery, where nothing is as it seems,” Filmax said in a statement.

Written with De La Iglesia’s career-long co-scribe Jorge Guerricaechevarría, “Four’s a Crowd” is produced by Pokeepsie Films, Alex De la Iglesia’s own label, and Spanish production powerhouse Telecinco Cinema (“Pan’s Labyrinth,” “The Impossible”), It will be released at the end of 2022. Filmax will screen a promo at Cannes.

“We’re looking for the Holy Trinity: a good story, a touch of risk and a whole lot of fun,” said De la Iglesia and Pokeepsie Films co-founder Carolina Bang.

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