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DASH cams usage is on the up-and-up as insurers offer discounts.

Dashboard cameras have split opinions though: some drivers love them, while others are less keen.

But insurers have sweetened the deal by creating a list of approved cameras that will earn drivers a discount off their insurance if installed.

When looking at dash cams, you’re looking for optimum resolution in low-light and night conditions.

Because there's no point in recording if you can’t make out the footage after the event.

Go for 1080p since anything higher is overkill and files become huge – anything lower and the footage won’t be admissible if needed.

Some cameras require you to buy your own memory card too, so take this into consideration for budgeting.

We like include the SanDisk Extreme Pro, which has 64GB, but opt for more storage if you want to back up less frequently.

The 128GB option also has an SD adaptor if the camera you pick has a larger slot but back to the cameras themselves.

1. Nextbase 612GW Dash Cam

  • Nextbase 612GW Dash Cam, £109 from John Lewis – buy here

Multiple award winner Nextbase 612GW is one of the best-selling dash cams available.

Nextbase works with the police to collect footage of dangerous drivers via an online community, and the 4k UltraHD resolution and 150-degree wide viewing angle captures most of the action on the roads.

The refined polarising lens of the 612GW helps reduce glare from the sun too, so key detail isn’t lost during the day.

Using the Sony R Exmor sensor, the stability of this dash cam is excellent.

Attach this via a sticker and Nextbase’s Click’n’Go magnet technology.

You’ll have to buy your own memory card, though.

2. Nextbase 312GW

  • Nextbase 312GW, £89.99 from Argos- buy here

The more affordable sibling of the 612GW, the 312GW comes with a 2.7” touchscreen, a 140-degree viewing angle and 1080p resolution.

If your budget is smaller this dash cam is a perfect alternative, and the same Click’n’Go tech and sensor keeps it stable.

Plus, it has night vision and a parking mode – so if the sensor detects motion while the vehicle is parked, it’ll switch on and start recording.

Wifi gives you easy access to the recorded footage, to share with friends or the police.

You can also hardwire this dash cam into the car, and free up your 12V port.

3. BlackVue DR900S-1CH

  • BlackVue DR900S-1CH, £399 from Amazon – buy here

With 4K Ultra HD and a 8Gb Sony CMOS sensor, the BlackVue is pricey but offers incredible performance.

It has a huge 162 degree angle of recording, video compression technology and built-in Wifi, so there’s plenty of tech in this compactly designed dash cam to justify the extra spend.

The BlackVue DR9005-1CH connects to the cloud for live viewing and live tracking, combined with built-in GPS which enables two-way communication.

For this price, you’re getting a 16GB memory card included, and users love the fact this dash cam doesn’t get especially hot when working for hours on end.

4. Garmin Dash Cam 55

  • Garmin Dash Cam 55, £149.99 from Argos – buy here

One of the highest performing dash cams on the market even today, the Garmin 55 is super small but packed with loads of features.

Easy-to-install, the 1080p forward-facing camera records with a viewing angle of 140 degrees.

The 2” LCD screen has a photo mode, can be operated via voice control and also has speed camera alerts and forward collision warning.

It comes with an 8GB memory card, making that price tag more competitive than it first seems.

5. Mio MiVue 766

  • Mio MiVue 766, £129 from ebay – buy here

This mid-priced dash cam from Mio records in full HD with 140-degree viewing angle.

The G-sensor automatically saves footage recorded preceding a serious collision, so the evidence is stored safely.

There’s also a swath of fancy extras, such as Fatigue Alert, which keeps you perky and Stop and Go so when you're stuck in nose-to-bumper traffic, so you can relax a little without holding up those behind you.

Lane Departure Warning alerts you when you’re straying over the white line,and the 2.7” touch display screen works, even for us sausage-fingered drivers.

6. Nextbase Duo

  • Nextbase Duo, £289 from Amazon – buy here

One of the few cameras on the market that enables you to record both forward-facing and rear-facing views.

The Nextbase Duo is really good value for the amount of work that has gone into developing the split screen view, the 2” touchscreen and the 50m zoom.

The camera doesn’t record what’s inside the cabin, but what is actually out through the back window.

That means it takes a little bit of manoeuvring to fit it correctly.

With it being Nextbase, it comes with all the usual quality features – 1080p, Wifi and a magnetic mount.

Plug’n’play it is, though a memory card is not included.

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