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FED UP of that unsightly shaving rash? We hear you. While razors are an effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair, they can also leave your skin dry and irritated.

Thankfully, our pick of the best hair removal creams will mean you can ditch the razor for a more hydrating, gentle option.

In fact, hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, have a number of advantages over shaving.

For one thing, there’s no chance of painful cuts or nicks.

On top of that, hair takes longer to grow back, and when it does, it’s softer.

Razors cut off the hair at an angle, meaning it has a prickly feeling when it grows back. Creams, however, dissolve the proteins that make up the hair, leaving more rounded hairs below the skin that take longer to come back through and, when they do, aren’t stubbly.

Of course, some products are more efficient than others and you’ll need to pick the right cream for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for hair removal cream for your face, upper lip, body or bikini line, or, if you need a cream for sensitive skin or particularly thick hair, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for our list of the best hair removal creams below, and prepare for a fuzz-free new you…

What method of hair removal lasts the longest?

Waxing can be used all over the body, from pubic area to armpits.

It might be painful, but once it's done the hair is taken right from the root so won't return for up to 6 weeks.

Hair removal cream is definitely the least painful method, closely followed by shaving, but will grow back in a few days.

If you're after something more permanent, you should look into laser hair removal.

What hair removal cream is best for pubic hair?

We can't stress this enough- always read the instructions on your hair removal cream packet.

Not all hair removal creams are suitable for that area, you need to buy a specific cream.

Also ensure that you only use it on your bikini area, do not go any further.

1. Best hair removal cream for faces

There are a number of different facial hair scenarios a woman may be confronted by.

Many women have dark hairs spring up on their upper lip, some may just dislike the soft fuzz you get on your cheeks, and other ladies who suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) may grow quite thick hair on their face as a result.

Shaving can cause irritation, redness and rashes, so this hair removal cream from Superdrug has been hailed a hero for a smooth and comfortable eradication of those pesky hairs.

Suitable for sensitive skin, the gentle lavender-rich formula works in around four minutes, depending on the thickness of the hair, and leaves a soft-to-touch complexion.

  • Superdrug Facial Hair Removal Cream Sensitive, £3.49 from Superdrug – buy here

2. Best hair removal cream for the bikini line

Nobody wants their gorgeous bikini to be ruined by unsightly razor rashes. And, let’s be honest, waxing down under is reserved for the reasonably brave.

The answer? Hair removal cream specifically designed for thick down-there hair.

Introducing this Boots number, which is formulated just for your underarm and bikini area.  Not only does it hydrate your skin with sweet almond oils, floral scents also mask those strong odours often associated with hair removal creams.

Leave on for 10 minutes and you’ll be swimsuit-ready before you know it.

  • Boots Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Underarm, £3.99 from Boots – buy here

3. Best for thick/coarse hair

Just as we’ve all got different features, so do we all have different types – and amount – of hair.

And those of us who have thicker, coarser hair need to invest in a product strong enough to deal with it. Hello Nair Tough Hair Removal Cream.

This product is dermatologically-tested to ensure you can leave it on for longer (up to 15 minutes) to tackle those hard-to-remove hairs.

It’s also infused with rice oil and lily flower extract for moisturised, smooth skin.

Perfect for use on legs, bikini and underarms.

  • Nair Tough Hair Removal Cream, £3.08 from Superdrug – buy here

4. Best hair removal cream for sensitive skin

Prone to redness or rashes?

Try a depilatory cream that is packed with skin-soothing ingredients to combat irritation.

This product boasts nourishing aloe vera and vitamin E for extra protection and hydration when removing body hair, also helping to prevent unsightly rashes, lumps and bumps.

Just leave on for five to 10 minutes and use the spatula provided to help take off the cream when the time’s up.

Smooth, hairless skin with no irritation, fast.

And, bonus, you should get four goes out of this one bottle.

  • Veet Hair Removal Cream with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for Sensitive Skin, £12.59 from Boots – buy here

5. Best for the upper lip

Getting all the little hairs around your upper lip – especially those short dark stubborn ones – can be difficult.

Thankfully, Nair has created a hair removal kit specifically for use on that hard-to-defuzz lip area.

The kit comes with a nifty precision tube for easy application to the precise point you need to target.

It also contains calming Argan oil, which means it's suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It’s no-‘tache-tastic.

  • Nair Upper Lip Kit, £5.55 from Boots – buy here

6. Best hair removal cream for everywhere

Like everything to be hair-free and smooth? You need a multi-tasking removal cream that works on arms, legs, underarms, bikini line and legs.

This cream is designed for use in all areas and is also boosted with shea butter for extra soothing benefits.

What’s more, it’s also a fast-action cream only needing three to six minutes to work its magic.

  • Veet Natural Hair Removal Cream with Shea Butter, £4.99 from Superdrug – buy here

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