Star Trek or Kill Bill 3? Tarantino uncertain over 'last' movie

BERLIN (DPA) – US director Quentin Tarantino still has to make up his mind on his 10th, and potentially last, film, with the possibilities ranging from Star Trek to a third instalment of Kill Bill.

Speaking upon arrival in Berlin to promote his new film Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood, Tarantino, 56, told journalists: “I’m not really sure what the 10th one is gonna be now. Could be Star Trek. It’s a pretty good script.”

But his plan remained to direct 10 films.

Tarantino said he had been in talks with Uma Thurman over the Kill Bill option, “but me and Uma, we’ve talked about… I’d always had an idea of Kill Bill 3,” he said, adding she was “very interested.”

But then he said: “Or it might be neither one of those two.”

Tarantino arrived in the German capital with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie to promote his latest movie, which turns on events in Los Angeles in 1969.

The film is his ninth since Reservoir Dogs – taking the two parts of Kill Bill as one. The 1992 Reservoir Dogs has attained cult status as an independent movie, despite strong criticism at the time of its violent scenes.

The self-imposed 10-movie limit refers to a comment he made in August last year at the Jerusalem Cinematheque after a screening of Pulp Fiction – another film controversial for its violent scenes.

“I’m planning on stopping at 10,” Tarantino said at the time.

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