Best Valentine's Day supermarket food including heart-shaped pizza and nuggets from Asda and Aldi

LOVE is in the air this Valentine’s Day thanks to these super cute supermarket foods.

We’ve rounded up the best lovey dovey grub including heart-shaped pizza and nuggets.

There’s also steak with heart-shaped butter and roses that are made out of veggies for starters.

A lot of these foods will be part of larger Valentine’s Day meal deals so check what offers are available.

We’ve worked out which supermarkets give you the best value dine in offer.

Keep in mind you’ll likely be paying a premium on these products as they’re marketed for Valentine’s Day.

It’s worth shopping around as you could find cheaper food elsewhere that isn’t love-themed.

Heart-shaped pizza – from £2.49

Who knew pizza could be so romantic?

Lidl has the cheapest heart-shaped pizza we could find, costing £2.49 from its "Deluxe" range.

It has a sourdough base with a rich and creamy buffalo mozzarella and semi-dried tomato topping.

Asda, meanwhile, is now doing a heart-shaped pizza for £3 at its pizza counters.

This one is topped with vegetables and has five melted cheese hearts for extra decoration.

As these are made freshly in stores, you can't buy them online.

Heart-shaped nuggets – £1.99

Nuggets aren't just for kids this Valentine's Day, thanks to these romantic chicken bites from Aldi.

The breaded chicken nuggets come in packs of 20 and cost just £1.99.

But you can save cash by buying regular nugs from Aldi for £1.19 – and these are better value as you get 30 in a pack.

Heart-shaped garlic bread – 99p

These heart-shaped garlic breads could be the perfect side for your Valentine's Day meal.

Aldi is selling the breads – which are topped with tomato and mozzarella – in packs of two for 99p.

But again, you can save money by going for something that isn't shaped like a heart.

The cheapest Aldi bread is 10p cheaper at 89p.

Heart-shaped churros – £4

For an extra sweet dessert, check out these heart-shaped churros from M&S.

They're the same flavour as regular churros – meaning they've been dusted in a cinnamon sugar and dipped in regular chocolate – and are also part of M&S' plant-based range.

The posh supermarket is selling these churros for £4, but ones that aren't shaped like a heart will only cost you £3.75 on Ocado.

M&S Love Sausage – from £6

M&S has brought back its Love Sausage – and this time there’s a spicy version too.

The new Spice Up Your Love Sausage is a 488g pack of two chilli chorizo-style sausages wrapped in sweet and smoky bacon, and it will set you back £6.50.

If you’re looking for a cheaper sausage to get your hands on, then the classic 460g M&S Love Sausage is 50p less at £6.

Steak with heart-shaped butter – from £5.49

For some couples, Valentine's Day is all about the steak.

If you feel like spending a bit more for something romantic, plenty of supermarkets have paired their meat with heart-shaped butter.

The cheapest is £5.49 from Aldi for its Specially Selected 36-day dry matured sirloin Steaks with pink peppercorn butter.

Asda is charging £7 for its Extra Special steaks with pink peppercorn butter, while it's £7.50 at Sainsbury's for Taste the Difference sirloin steaks with heart butter.  

Both are part of the supermarkets Valentine's Day deal, so you could choose them as your main.

But overall, you are paying a premium for Valentine's Day steak.

If you go for a steak without the heart-shaped butter you'll pay as little as £2.75 for one at Aldi.

Praline hearts – £4

We love how indulgent these chocolate praline hearts look from Waitrose.

The supermarket is selling them in packs of two for £4, and they're included as part of its £20 Valentine's Day deal.

We couldn't find anything similar to these being sold by other stores.

Thai rose starter – £1.69

These vegetable Thai roses from Aldi look almost too pretty to eat.

Each roses is made of a mixture of veggies such as carrot and cabbage and comes in a pack of six for £1.69.

As these are so unique, we couldn't find similar rose starters being sold elsewhere.

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