Bethenny Frankel Tackles Podcast Beef with Andy Cohen, Gets Into It with Jeff Lewis

Bethenny clashes with her fellow guest, calling him "bitter" and "angry" and accusing him of throwing shade multiple times — which could be argued!

Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen have been feuding, which they both found somewhat amusing, so they decided to hash out their beef for the first time ever with cameras rolling on “Watch What Happens Live.”

While she and Cohen were attempting to squash their beef, Bethenny got into it more than once with fellow guest Jeff Lewis as Andy made all the faces we were making — is there a new feud brewing?

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The issue between Bethenny and Andy is all about her new podcast, “ReWives.” The podcast sees her looking back at her time with “The Real Housewives of New York City,” which didn’t sit well with Andy.

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“It’s not that deep, actually,” Andy said of the feud. “You have a ‘Real Housewives’ podcast. I said I thought it was kind of hypocritical of you because you’ve been trashing the ‘Housewives’ publicly for the last three years to now go deep on the ‘Housewives’ and your response is–“

Bethenny explained that her beef was more about the fact that he chose to say this publicly while saying something else to her privately. Andy conceded the point, admitting that privately he only told her he was “glad” to see her “embracing the ‘Housewives.'”

Andy explained that he only got to the point of having to explain that because headlines started talking about him being surprised about her doing the podcast. So he broke it down on his radio show, saying that it’s because “she’s been trashing the show for three years.”

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Bethenny didn’t care for this description, though, saying that her issue with the show is that it’s “toxic,” which is why she chose to leave (twice). “I’m entitled to not want to be there but still want to talk about it,” she argued. “How could I be on for more than a decade and not have reflections to share?”

When Andy pushed her about calling the “RHONY Legacy” show “boring,” she said that she was calling the announcement boring.

Through all of this, Jeff was sitting next to Bethenny. At one point, when Andy asked if he was enjoying this, he said that he was actually “very uncomfortable.”

But then he injected himself into the conversation as Bethenny was talking about her podcast dishing on behind-the-scenes details and sharing things people might not know.

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“And no one’s ever done a recap show for ‘Housewives,'” Lewis interjected, which got him a sideways glance from Bethenny. “Well, how is yours different?” he continued. “Let’s promote it.”

“Well, I wasn’t let go by Bravo. I actually left of my own choice, so that’s a little bit different; I’m not a disgruntled employee.” Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge, who were both fired, have their own recap podcast, “Two Ts in a Pod.”

Jeff, too, was technically fired when his show, “Flipping Out,” was canceled after 11 years. When he laughed that he had gotten fired, Bethenny said, “Right, and that’s why you’re so bitter.”

When Jeff insisted he wasn’t bitter at all and was actually quite happy with where he’s at in his life, Bethenny countered, “Right, exactly. That’s what they all say.”

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“You opened the door, baby,” Bethenny told Jeff, telling him not to come for her “unless you want to get shot.” When he again tried to say he had no issue with her, she said he was throwing shade with his comment about no one doing a “Housewives” recap before.

She then threw it to the audience, asking them, “Did he shade or did he not shade?”

“Somebody’s so defensive,” Jeff said as Andy looked on with alternating shock and delight. Jeff may have been uncomfortable while Andy and Bethenny went at it, but Andy was clearly enjoying every second of it.

In a clip shared to the “WWHL” Instagram page from the Aftershow, Bethenny and Jeff got into it all over again when he accused her of lying about why she unfollowed Kyle Richards.

If you thought this exchange made you squirm, you’ll want to hold on tight for that one, which you can check out below! And, of course, Andy was loving every bit of it, declaring mid-fight, “I never want this to end!”

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