Big Brother Blowout: Secrets Exposed, Leftovers Implode, New HOH Stuns with Nominees

There's yet another alliance shuffle as the eight remaining Houseguests are left shocked by the new Head of Household's two nominations for eviction.

A genuinely shocking episode of “Big Brother” — and we haven’t even gotten to what’s playing out in the Live Feeds right now — as the eight remaining Houseguests come together only to fall apart.

The Split House twist wasn’t the only thing that blew up the dominant alliance of the season, but we’re happy to see it. It’s always fun as a viewer when things get flipped upside down and the unpredictable happens.

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Everything got flipped every which way in this episode as a new Head of Household rose to power and every alliance in the House was questioned and reconsidered — and then secret conversations from last week were exposed that changed everything!

We also got one of the most nerve-wracking competitions in the history of “Big Brother,” with the tiny tweezer stacking comp. This time they were stacking tiny energy drinks into a pyramid. Seriously, it looks like if you breathe too hard, they could topple over.

In Kyle’s case, that may have happened.

New HOH Has to Pick Sides

With both Terrance and Michael outgoing HOHs, the pair presided over the other six as they competed in this tense and stressful HOH competition. It looks like it went a while, too, as those pyramids came down over and over again for everyone.

Kyle was down to his last energy drink twice and twice he blew it at the last second and toppled his whole stack. Monte was looming a few times. Honestly, it looked like it was anyone’s game multiple times, which seems to happen every time they do this competition.

In the end, though, it was Turner who followed Michael as the second two-time HOH of the season. And then he immediately realized that he’s aligned with everyone in the House, making this the biggest week of the season so far because there’s nowhere to hide.

Turner has been part of The Leftovers (everyone except Alyssa and Terrance) for weeks, and within that was The Pound with Kyle, Monte and the just-evicted Joseph. Then, during Dyre Fest last week, he joined The Afterparty with Kyle, Alyssa and Terrance.

His nominations this week were going to draw a clear line in the sand — and he wasn’t yet sure where that line should go. That’s why he basically told everyone in the House that they were safe. His truth will out soon enough, so why not keep the peace until then with everyone feeling overconfident.

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Blame Joseph

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Poor Joseph. When he watches this back he’s going to learn that as soon as he was evicted, The Afterparty decided that the safest way to hide their existence and explain why Joseph got evicted was to just blame him for everything.

He was said to be going crazy in his final days outside, saying all kinds of inconsistent things that were enough to get Terrance to target him over Kyle and his known showmance. Honestly, it was a pretty good plan and everyone executed it well.

But perhaps too well.

Taylor was immediately suspicious, because she struggled to reconcile the guy she’d fallen for with this version of Joseph they were describing. Michael was a little worried that their stories were too clean and linked up, but he still couldn’t fathom Kyle and Terrance ever working together.

As the guys (and Alyssa) outside said, though, they basically went through hell together and that type of experience bonds you. Look at how close the people on “Survivor” get after just a week (though those conditions are much harsher than even Dyre Fest).

The “leftovers of The Leftovers” were right to be a little worried with Turner in power because he wasn’t certain they were going to be safe. And then we started learning some secrets that changed everything.

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Secrets Revealed

The first was a mini-secret, and that is that Kyle and Turner had established a Final Two alliance a few weeks back in response to the clear indication that existed that Monte and Joseph probably had one. The four of them were in The Pound together, so Turner figured if they had a Final Two within it, so should he.

But that was only the first secret to blow up the game. The next one came after Kyle and Turner had a Final Two pow-wow about how to proceed this week. Turner was actually considering betraying The Afterparty and shifting back to The Leftovers because he has no confidence Terrance or Alyssa can do well in an HOH comp to protect him next week (which is fair, despite Terrance’s dominant week outside).

Kyle, desperate as always to say and do anything to save himself and Alyssa, managed to convince Turner that it would be smarter to turn on Brittany, Michael and Taylor because that’s the dominant threesome that thinks they’re running the House. It’s also the three bonus people added to The Pound to create The Leftovers — and those three know it.

Kyle’s pitch was to bring Monte in and see if they could convince him to turn on his allies. And they had one whopper of a secret to help them sell this story.

As it turns out — and we got in a flashback — Joseph had revealed that there was a tight Final Three deal between Brittany, Micheal and Taylor. He said that Taylor invited him into it and he turned her down.

So this is one claim they made about Joseph that’s actually true! Monte, upon hearing this, was immediately over it. The only sub alliances that can exist in The Leftovers are ones that he’s a part of!

And so, with this new information, he decided to share a secret of his own from last week — which we again got to see in a flashback. In this one, Brittany explained to him that if Joseph got voted out during Dyre Fest, maybe their best bet would be to boot Turner and Kyle now and deal with Terrance and Alyssa later.

They were already ready to betray The Leftovers had they come into power.

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Shocking Nominations

Turner decided to strike first. If The Leftovers are dead, it’s time to retreat back to The Pound, with a helping of The Afterparty on the side as a backup plan. He could keep both happy by targeting that trio.

And the best way to target that trio is to hope and pray that Michael doesn’t get picked to play in the Veto and set him up for a backdoor. This wasn’t said explicitly, but it doesn’t need to be. Michael has won six competitions (the next closest HGs have won two each), and four of them have been Vetos.

If we thought Turner’s face was stunned shock when Terrance nominated him last week, Brittany and Taylor were thunderstruck. They were emotional and in tears, even though Turner spoke in absolute truth when he explained that his reason was they had a Final Three with Michael.

Everyone’s hurt and feels betrayed when their secrets are exposed, but it’s different if they’re exposing someone else’s secrets. The bottom line is the trio got caught plotting to eliminate Turner and Kyle.

And so, The Leftovers are done. But as we hinted at above, the drama is not nearly over. We’re not sure how much of what’s playing out today in the Live Feeds will make these next two episodes, but it seems too big to just avoid altogether.

If there’s a big enough conclusion to the ongoing saga by tomorrow, we may post a special update. Otherwise, we’ll dig into it in our next “Blowout” installment.

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Houseguest Report Cards

Matt “Turner” Turner (23) took power and proved once again that he is willing to take big shots and make big moves. We’re certain he’s setting up a backdoor scenario (but never rule out the Veto King). Even if he can’t get Michael, he’ll hurt the other side, and Michael specifically if he can get Brittany out. It’s a big move and he’s set himself up to survive it with four people in his corner. Grade: A-

Kyle Caapener (29) is almost fumbling his way dumbly through this game and things just seem to keep working out for him. He’s in a Final Two with Turner and even Turner believes Kyle would take him over Alyssa when Kyle would do anything for Alyssa at this point. That puts Kyle in a power position for the moment. Grade: B-

Alyssa Snider (24) is going to be very safe this week with Turner in power and Kyle having any semblance of control as to what happens. She continues to just kind of float through the game, not really doing much but surviving through the hard work and chaos created by Kyle (that keeps working). Grade: C+

Monte Taylor (27) is another big threat in the House, but he’s in a good spot for at least this week. Depending on how the power shifts next week, that could change. If The Leftovers take power (and he’s exposed as betraying them), he’s in trouble, and if Terrance or Alyssa take power, he could be in trouble … though you know Kyle would go to work on her. Grade: C+

Michael Bruner (28) will never stop being one of the biggest threats in the House no matter what’s going on. At this point, he’s in a potentially dangerous spot. If he doesn’t get picked to play Veto, he’s probably doomed. But the odds are in his favor that he will and then he’s got a good shot at winning it. But he needs exactly that to happen. Grade: C

Terrance Higgins (47) is looking okay right now, but it appears that Turner and Kyle are more committed to The Pound than The Afterparty, and Kyle is obsessed with Alyssa. That leaves Terrance out again. Depending on who rises to power, this could really hurt him, so he needs to step it up himself again to better control his fate. Grade: C

Brittany Hoopes (32) is one of this week’s nominees, and while Turner has not specified a preference, we have a feeling the fact she’s a duo with Michael will not be seen as dangerous as the fact Taylor is perceived as better in comps. Plus, if Michael plays, she’ll have two people gunning to save her and one is a beast! Grade: C-

Taylor Hale (27) is incredibly vulnerable on the Block, and has no one really playing for her as Michael would save Brittany over her (disadvantage of being in a FInal Three with a duo). She needs to fight to save herself, and then figure out a path in a post-Leftovers world, because unless all hell breaks loose (which is kind of happening), she’s likely in big trouble. Grade: D+

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House Chatter

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  • “Sayanora to my Festie Bestie, dude. Finally freaking out of my head.” –Turner (in Diary Room about Jasmine eviction)
  • “Having Joseph in this House was the most priceless thing that I could have experienced. And it should be going a lot longer than it is now.” –Taylor (in DR about Joseph eviction)
  • “It’s like I couldn’t even hug the guy? I’vae had someone that I care about so much taken away from me. This feels very cruel.” –Taylor (in DR about Joseph eviction)
  • “I’m smiling, so I don’t downpour.” –Taylor (to Michael)
  • “We thought it was a punishment.” –Monte (hearing Dyre Fest attendees talk about it)
  • “Oh, it was.” –Kyle
  • “Is that what Terrance wanted? He wanted Joseph, or he wanted Kyle?” –Michael (to Alyssa)
  • “I don’t think he really knew.” –Alyssa
  • “I formed the Afterparty alliance while at Dyre Fest, but being back inside with The Leftovers, I’m realizing now, I’m literally aligned with everybody. Now, there’s no Jasmine I can target and nobody I dislike in the House.” –Turner
  • “It was f—ing guerilla warfare out there, bro.” –Turner (to Monte about Terrance’s HOH)
  • “I figured Kyle was always the target.” –Taylor (to Terrance)
  • “He was, initially. When Joseph started talking in circles and just started saying stuff that wasn’t adding up. So, if you want to keep playing crazy, I’m not fully on board with what you’re saying.” –Terrance (to Taylor about Joseph)
  • “Joseph and I were both on the same page. We’re not going to expose anything. There’s no value in that. I don’t know if he did, though. He was pushing pretty hard, like, where’s your vote, do I have your back and Turner wouldn’t give him a yes or no. I just don’t know if Joseph, knowing he’s gonna leave, does he take all that information with him or does he spill the beans to Alyssa and Terrance. I have no idea.” –Kyle (to Michael and Brittany)
  • “It wouldn’t surprise me if Kyle’s gonna take this opportunity to spin whatever narrative will benefit him the most.” –Michael (in DR)
  • “My mind is racing in every single direction. I’m clearly at a crossroad where if I win this, I’m going to need to divide the House just like I did weeks ago with my first HOH. Now, do I really want to do this again? This answer is, yes.” –Turner
  • “Oh, I would kill somebody if I was a doctor.” –Taylor (looking at her shaky hands during HOH comp)
  • “I told you, the Afterpart is started. Let’s go, let’s go.” –Terrance (in DR celebrating Turner winning HOH)
  • “I mean, Terrance just put him up. So, easy, but…” –Michael (to Taylor)
  • “We’re literally gonna go in there and be like, ‘So are we still The Leftovers? Or the leftovers of The Leftovers? –Taylor
  • “While I’m in this position, you will be totally safe.” –Turner (to Brittany)
  • “Dude, you guys are totally fine.” –Turner (to Michael)
  • “We’re safe. Like, we’re fine.” –Turner (to Michael and Monte)
  • “The Leftovers are still a thing?” –Taylor (to Turner)
  • “Of course.” –Turner
  • “Turner, you just suggested you nominated my showmance and Terrance. We just made a new alliance … If you go with The Leftovers that I just betrayed last week, my game is basically over.” –Kyle (in DR)
  • “We can’t take a shot at Alyssa and Terrance. They are zero threat to our game, they are numbers moving forward. I think our only option is taking a shot at one of those four on that side. I think Monte probably I trust the most out of those. Michael is going to win the game. He’s going to win next week HOH, probably, and Vetos, like, every week. I think it hinges on Monte. If he realizes Taylor, Michael and Brittany are playing everyone and they’re the tightest three in the House, they need to be the target. If he’s on board with that, then I think we take that shot this week.” –Kyle (to Turner)
  • “I can’t imagine a reality where Kyle and Terrance are on the same side.” –Michael (rejecting the idea Dyre Fest attendees could have aligned)
  • I say we just go up there and be like, ‘Remember how much you wanted Jasmine out? We did that for you.'” –Michael (to Taylor and Monte about Turner)
  • “Taylor, Michael and Brittany? They were a mini thing in The Leftovers.” –Joseph (to Kyle, Turner and Alissa during Dyre Fest)
  • “Taking out Kyle and Turner before them, we’ll be able to take care of Terrance and Alyssa later on.” –Brittany (to Monte during BroChella)
  • “My loyalty came from The Pound first.” –Monte (to Turner)
  • “Is London one of your top places to go?” –Kyle (to Alyssa about traveling to Europe)
  • “Is that Paris?” –Alyssa
  • “London, England. That’s like, Big Ben. Paris is in France.” –Kyle
  • “Is Paris close?” –Alyssa
  • “No. I don’t think so. Where is England?” –Kyle
  • “England is–?” –Kyle
  • “You’re asking the wrong person.” –Alyssa
  • “I don’t know, either. London, England, right?” –Kyle
  • “London, France.” –Alyssa
  • “No. England is, like, that top island. It’s, like, part of the UK or something?” –Kyle
  • “I have nominated you, Taylor, and you, Brittany, because I love you as people but Joseph said that Taylor asked to go into a Final Three with you two. I felt left out of a Final Three, so this is what I thought was best for my game. I don’t know why Joseph would lie about this, but that is all I had to go based off of. So, I love you both. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.” –Turner

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