Britains sexiest accent named – but Scouse comes in at the bottom of the list

A new study looking at the sexiness of various British accents has deduced that the Scottish take the top spot.

The survey of 2,000 people in the UK found that the most attractive voices were found beyond the border, but the least attractive was voted as Scouse.

Dating app, happn, conducted the study and found that Scots snagged 21% of the vote.

In second place were the Geordies with the Welsh following just behind.

Northern Irish came in fourth followed by RP – the Queen’s English – in fifth.

But, while Cockney accents topped the sexiest accent list in previous years it now came in at second to last.

People from Birmingham got only 5% of the vote while Essex and Leeds accents made up the rest of the bottom five.

And, it seems that how we sound is important when dating as 53% of Brits said they alter the way they speak when talking to someone attractive.

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While one in five people play down their accent because they’re self conscious.

Ipek Kucuk, relationship expert at happn, said: “There are so many qualities singles want in a prospective partner, and the way someone sounds is ranking high on that list.

"It’s clear that what is being said is vital, but the HOW seems to be a new essential factor.

“At happn, we are launching ‘happn voice’.

"Users can leave a voice-note on their own profile and listen to the voices of others. We want connections made online to be as true to life as possible, and hearing the way your Crush sounds will achieve this.”

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But, what about outside of the UK?

Judging from the survey it seems that Brits find Italian the hottest accent out there closely followed by the French. How romantic!

Here’s the run down of the least and most sexy accents in the UK:

Top five sexiest UK accents

  1. Scottish 21%
  2. Geordie 17%
  3. Welsh 16%
  4. Northern Irish 14%
  5. Queen's English 13%

Most unattractive accents in the UK

  1. Essex 3%
  2. Leeds 4%
  3. Birmingham 5%
  4. Cockney 6%
  5. Scouser 7%

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