Christy Carlson Romano Recreated A Beloved Song From ‘Even Stevens’ With These Cast Members

Even Stevens alum Christy Carlson Romano is going back to 1969, not 1970, but a year sooner. Of course, fans of the early 2000’s Disney Channel original series recognize that line from the infamous song "We Went to the Moon." What a throwback! It gets better though. Christy Carlson Romano recreated the best Even Stevens song with a brand new music video in homage to the original.

She’s not the only Even Stevens cast member who took part in the music video recreation though. Lauren Frost, who played Ren Stevens’ best friend Ruby on the show, and George Anthony Bell aka Principal Wexler joined Romano to bask in the nostalgia. Romano even wore an outfit that was very similar to her character’s original ensemble: a coral-colored top with three-quarter sleeves and a knee length lavender skirt.

You may be wondering why she decided now was the perfect time to reshoot the music video from the 2002 Even Stevens episode. The significance of the timing actually goes beyond the Disney Channel classic. It lines up with the fiftieth anniversary of astronauts landing on the moon.

Romano posted the music video on her new YouTube series called Christy’s Kitchen Throwback, which she discussed in a June interview with Page Six. Christy’s Kitchen Throwback is an upbeat cooking show that incorporates some Disney elements.

Each episode will have a different guest from Disney or Nickelodeon, which makes sense because of her personal connections. Romano is a true Disney Channel alum. Even Stevens wasn’t the only project she took part in. Romano played the title character in the animated series Kim Possible. She also stared opposite Hilary Duff in the Disney Channel original movie Cadet Kelly.

During the first video on her YouTube channel, she showed her viewers how to recreate the nacho taco, aka "The Naco," from Kim Possible with her former co-star Will Friedle, who played Ron Stoppable.

The music video might be a surprise to some people, but she basically told her fans that it was coming during that Page Six interview. She hinted, "We also have something that we will be shooting." She divulged, "All I’m going to say is that it’s a musical and it’s coming out soon. Anyone who’s a fan of Even Stevens could probably know what this means."

Instead of running away from her past hits, Romano is actually embracing the nostalgia with this new YouTube series. She explained to Page Six,

Christy’s Throwback Kitchen is a must-see for OG Disney Channel fans. She has recipes inspired by the shows, music videos, and fellow alums that we would all love to see.

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