Dakota Johnson’s tooth gap closure is ‘atypical’ but ‘totally feasible,’ dentists say

Dakota Johnson fans were devastated earlier this week when the actress stepped out to promote her new movie without her signature front tooth gap. The confusion and outrage was so intense that word reached Johnson herself during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

When shown headlines about her teeth, the “Peanut Butter Falcon” star offered up an unlikely explanation: “I had a permanent retainer since I was like 13 and it was just glued to the back of the teeth,” she said, explaining that her orthodontist removed the retainer when she complained about neck pain. “My gap closed by itself. I’m really sad about it, too.”

Though it may seem odd, celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman, who previously speculated to Page Six Style that the closure appeared to be the result of short-term Invisalign, now tells us Johnson’s story is unlikely but totally possible.

Veytsman, who has not treated Johnson, said “what probably happened” is that the actress, 29, got a permanent retainer “to help keep the teeth in place after her braces got taken off. There was likely a small gap and when the retainer came off the teeth could [have] drifted together. While this is atypical, it’s possible.”

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands — who has not treated Johnson, but works with celebs including the Kardashian family, Travis Scott, Kim Petras and Sofia Richie — added that it’s “totally feasible” Johnson’s gap closed on its own.

“Without the wire holding the teeth in the position the teeth drifted together, which is totally feasible and opened space elsewhere,” he told Page Six Style.

Despite fans noticing that Johnson has been extra smiley since her tooth gap closure, Johnson said she’s not happy about it.

“I’m really sad about my gap tooth too, so I’d really appreciate some privacy,” she joked, adding that she now has to “deal with a whole new world of problems,” including food getting stuck in her teeth. “Before it would just slide right through.”

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