Dog groomer quits to become adult star and now has sex daily in model house

Porn star Daisie Belle quit her job as a dog groomer and pet-sitter to move into a house with other models and begin a career in the adult industry, she has revealed.

The American adult actress only started working full-time in the porn industry in March 2021, but now runs an OnlyFans page, after being given her break by one of the scene’s leading agencies.

Speaking on the Bougie Show, the porn star explained how her unusual beginnings resulted in her settling into a house with other adult models.

“I was a dog groomer, and I was a model – a commercial model – years ago, so I’ve always loved that,” she began.

“So I was grooming and I was very unhappy, and when I was in that relationship years ago, I wanted a job that I could do from home, and I found webcamming.”

After filming herself making explicit content behind her insecure boyfriend’s back for a while, she stopped.

But, after another failed relationship, Daisie decided to embrace adult work fully, saying: “I remembered camming, and I said, ‘I’m free, I can do it again. So I started doing that and I loved it.

“I started making so much that I quit grooming. I was just going to do it on the side, but I was like, ‘I’m making the same amount doing this as I would in 11 hours grooming dogs, hard a** labour, stressing myself out.

“So then I started nude modelling, and I wanted to do porn, but I don’t trust people.”

So, Daisie explained, she was biding her time when adult agency AMA modelling approached her, and she moved to Florida to stay with owner Brian Berke for a short time, beginning to shoot scenes immediately.

And, the adult performer didn’t wait around before embracing her new-found career.

In fact, Daisie revealed that she once filmed “five scenes in one day”, as well as enjoying the sexual dynamic of living in a house with other models.

She recalled one occasion when she walked in on a couple performing naked for OnlyFans.

“And she was like, ‘come on over’, and I just jumped in and it just turned into us all camming, and we had some fun that night," she added.

But despite this spontaneous group session, Daisie stressed that the house dynamic isn’t entirely about sex, noting: “There’s not usually many boys there, so you don’t usually hear sex.”

Now, almost a year into her adult career, Diasie insisted that she had no regrets about swapping her love for animals for her current profession.

“When I was still living in San Francisco, I was still pet-sitting, and I was distracted, I wasn’t fully committed yet,” she continued.

“I was clinging to what I knew, which was the pet-sitting, and so once I let that go, it’s been wonderful.”

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