Drunk Ryanair passenger ‘grabs emergency door at 35,000ft’ and throws up in seat

A drunk passenger made a Ryanair flight to Tenerife a "nightmare" by "hanging off an emergency exit door" at 35,000ft.

Disgusting photos show the shameless tourist throwing up in his seat after allegedly downing three quarters of a bottle of whisky.

The man stumbled onto the plane at Manchester Airport on August 1 – even though he was said to have been "hammered".

And around one hour into the journey, the tourist had vomited and had his arms all over the emergency exit door.

"Everyone was sat there thinking 'what is going on here'? Everyone was very frightened. Everyone within a 10-seat radius was well aware of the situation. It was awful.

"It was a nightmare. It made a four-and-a-half hour flight feel like twelve hours – everyone was terrified," Alan Wild, who was on board with his girlfriend and 11-year-old stepson, said.

The dad, from Cheshire, told Sun Online : "This guy got on the plane and was hammered.

"He got to the door and he was swearing at the cabin crew at the top of his voice to the point where my 11-year-old stepson commented on how drunk he was.

"He was telling them to p*** off and was being abusive and loud. But they didn't stop him boarding the plane."

Ryanair has apologised for the "inconvenience caused to the other passengers".

The man, who allegedly was so drunk he couldn't put on his seat belt or walk steadily, vomited early on in the flight.

Mr Wild, who is an engineer, added: "You can imagine the smell. I saw his bag open…he had consumed three quarters of a bottle of whisky.

"The cabin crew left him covered in vomit for about 20 minutes. He was unable to deal with it himself, his friend was trying to sort him out.

"He then sat there spitting on the floor and hanging off the emergency exit door. His arms were all over it."

The budget airline had recently imposed a duty-free booze ban.

It tends to email passengers in advance of the journey to remind them of the policy.

Yet the man still somehow managed to board the flight at Manchester.

The behaviour echoes that of a group of festival-goers who caused havoc and vomited on board the Ryanair "budget flight from hell" in July .

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