Hollyoaks Maxine Minniver’s ‘living funeral’ will ‘end in tears’ as her cancer lies are exposed, hints Nikki Sanderson

HOLLYOAKS' Maxine Minniver's living funeral is set to end in tears after her cancer lies are exposed.

The troubled character- played by Nikki Sanderson- has a funeral thrown for her next week after she tells her husband Damon Kinsella that her tumor has grown.

However, Nikki has hinted that Maxine's plan to be showered with love and praise by her loved ones doesn't go without a hitch.

The 35-year-old actress told Digital Spy: "Well as the audience know, the funeral will end in tears, not because of anyone dying… It ends in tears because something is revealed."

Anna Passey, who plays Sienna Blake, added: "It all goes disastrously wrong as we can expect – but not in the way that the viewers are going to think."

Last month, viewers watched on as Maxine got married to Damon, played by Jacob Roberts, after she told him that she had six months to live.

However, unbeknown to the barman his wife has been diagnosed with a mental illness called Factitious Disorder, also known as Munchausen’s syndrome, where patients pretend to be ill and fabricate symptoms to elicit attention and sympathy.

And her plan was nearly foiled by her ex-step daughter Sienna, who had discovered her secret, until she blackmailed her into not telling Damon in exchange for keeping quiet about her plan to steal two babies.

Although, Sienna wasn't the only one to cotton on to her deceit, as Dr Levi had been making detailed notes about Maxine's condition- but he later left the village after splitting from Scott Drinkwell.

Nikki opened about her current storyline during a recent interview as she explained her character's intentions behind the lie.

She told Radio Times: "I don’t think she has any long-term plans with the lie.

"She’s just going day by day. She just wants to be happy with Damon and her daughter Minnie and not have this hanging over her, but she has started to really love the attention it brings.

"It would be difficult for her to stop but she’d feel terrible about how she’s treated everyone who has supported her if the knew."

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