Everlane Just Made the Year's Most Frustrating Bag Trend More Practical

I got my last job because of a micro bag. It was small, see-through, and completely impractical. All it fit was my MetroCard and a tube of my favorite lip balm. I had to carry my resume in a huge manilla envelope, with my phone in my pocket along with my keys — all while juggling a cup of hot coffee. The micro bag makes my grandma furious (“That is stupid,” she says in Spanish everytime she angirly lays eyes on it), but it definitely broke the ice with my interiewer who said she loved it. And when she asked how I actually used it, I told her it helped me edit my everyday baggage so I only took what I really needed with me. I ended up getting the job and I’d like to think my micro bag made me seem both in-the-know and level headed. Who needs a real bag anyway?

Obviously, everyone needs a real bag. There are things like laptops, books, wallets, and mile-long CVS receipts that need a home while I’m shuffling in and out of the subway and office. And yet, the biggest bag trend of the year was indisputably the micro bag. I’m convinced part of the tiny-bag phenomenon has to do with self-delusion. We all want to believe we’re carefree enough to only need a credit card and some lip balm. The reality, of course, is that almost no one is.

Leave it to Everlane though, whose focus is functionality, to make a micro bag that is actually made to fit things. This morning they released their newest bag: The Micro Form Bag. At 4.3 inches tall and 6.7 inches wide, it’s small but mighty and can fit a small wallet, a sets of keys, a lipstick tube, and an iPhone Plus. That is already three more items them my interview micro bag can fit. At $98, The Micro Form Bag  is also made of entirely luxurious Italian leather but costs a couple hundred dollars less than what I spent on my designer one.

As we approach 2020, I’m trying to leave the baggage from this year in the past, but I’m definitely bringing all my microbags with me into the future. Looking at a charming lil’ micro bag brings me almost as much joy as a cute puppy video and I don’t want to give that up. And considering Lizzo wore the tiniest microbag ever at the AMAs last night and it promptly went viral, the trend of barely usable tiny bags is definitely here to stay. 

If their limited utility stresses you out, well, at least Everlane’s Micro Form Bag makes the trend accessible if you also want to be practical. And I’m positive if I ever wear The Micro Form Bag that I just bought to an interview, they’d be just as impressed with what the bag can fit as they were with what my other micro bag couldn’t. 

Shop The Micro Form Bag in all three colors at Everlane below. But act quick — a cute micro bag that actually fits things is bound to sell out ASAP.

The Micro Form Bag in Red

The Micro Form Bag in Coral

Shop Now: $98; everlane.com

The Micro Form Bag in Sand

The Micro Form Bag in Peach

Shop Now: $98; everlane.com

The Micro Form Bag in Black


The Micro Form Bag in Black

Shop Now: $98; everlane.com

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