Ex-ring girl bombarded by creeps and called desperate – but refuses to cover up

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A female comedian is trolled for talking about sex during her sets.

Katerina Robinson, a former boxing ring girl, often uses material about her dating life when performing at gigs.

The 28-year-old, from Welwyn Garden City, Herts, isn’t afraid of talking about funny experiences in the bedroom.

She has also posed in her underwear and swimwear on Instagram, which she believes has contributed to the trolling she’s received.

Katerina says some assume she's promiscuous, which has led to them heckling her and sending X-rated photos.

She told Daily Star: “Just because I talked about being ‘d*ckpressed’ in my sets doesn't mean I want a d*ck.”

She continued: “It’s a regular occurrence that boys and men think its appropriate to yell out slurs like ‘show us your t*ts’ or ‘how much for a bl*wjob’ in the middle of a set.

“Once one of them yells it out everyone seems to join in and you have to play on this behaviour, when inside you just want to head butt them.”

Katerina admitted she receives creepy comments when she's not performing too.

On social media, she has been bombarded with X-rated photos and kinky requests.

Keyboard warriors have also responded to her videos with hate and branded her “desperate”.

Katerina told Fabulous: "I want to raise awareness of the trolling because I know it happens to so many women…

“I get a lot of guys who think I'm this ‘easy girl’ which is the opposite of how I really am…

"The other day, someone sent me an unsolicited d**k pic on Instagram, which I ignored."

Thankfully, Katerina refuses to let the haters hold her back.

She will continue talking about her love life at gigs because it's "what she finds funny".

The comedy queen also plans to keep posting saucy snaps on social media, which sees as her right.

She added: "I just think it’s 2022 and women should be able to do this sort of stuff.

"To feel sexy, feel confident, if you want to put a picture up of you in a bikini, then you can."

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