Football fans BLAST food sold at stadiums across the UK

‘Burnt to a crisp like Man Utd’s title ambitions’: Football fans blast pricey stadium meals, from charred cheeseburgers to a dry hot dog bun with a miniscule sausage

  • Twitter users have shared the worst foods served at UK football stadiums 
  • A burnt panini from Manchester United’s Old Trafford was bought for £4.70
  • Fan at Birmingham City was charged £4 for slice of processed cheese with chips
  • Have you got photos of the worst meal you’ve bought at a football match? Email:  [email protected] 

Few of us expect fast food to be as tasty as a homecooked meal or Michelin star restaurant, but this thread of the worst meals served at football stadiums will make you think twice about parting with your hard earned cash.

Football fans have taken taken to Twitter to share photographs of the disappointing foods they’ve been served at stadiums across the UK after being charged an eye-watering sum.

From sandwiches burnt to a crisp to cheap ingredients being sold for an extortionate price, user @FootyScran has racked up over 44,000 followers from rounding up photos of the worst foods. 

A supporter at Manchester United’s Old Trafford home ground for instance bought a cheese and ham panini for £4.70.

But when they opened it up the bread was completely black. 

Football fans from across the UK have taken to Twitter to share photographs of their disappointing food – including a supporter at Manchester United, who spent £4.70 on a burnt cheese and ham panini (pictured) 

One football lover shared a photograph of a cheeseburger (pictured) bought from Luton Town for £4.10 that had been almost burnt entirely black 

Another snap of a burger purchased while visiting Aberdeen FC showed how the food had been unevenly cooked 

Derby County fan Carl Porter quipped: ‘Burnt to a crisp like Man Utd’s title ambitions.’

Gareth Plimmer poked fun at United’s chant ‘Ole’s at the wheel – to gaffer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’.

He said: ‘Ole’s at the grill.’

Chelsea fan Danny Pearson got a torched pie and sausage roll at fellow Premier League side Leicester City’s King Power Stadium.

He said it looked similar to the Old Trafford grub.

Danny said: ‘This pie and sausage roll at Leicester probably had the same chef.’

A Chelsea fan joked that the chef who cooked their pie and sausage roll (pictured) at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium had likely also worked at Man Utd

One person racked up over 2,000 likes on a photograph of their disappointing hot dog bought for £4 at Morecambe FC

Another football fan admitted they were less than impressed with being charged £4 for a slice of processed cheese and chips (pictured) at Birmingham City 

Another disgruntled supporter was miffed at their over-cooked £4.10 cheeseburger from Luton Town.

The burger and the bap had both been singed.

Stuart Hutton joked: ‘Why have they even taken a bite? This should’ve been straight back.’

Emmett Moore added: ‘Why didn’t they stop cooking it when it was cooked.’

Supporters also said clubs scored own goals with their tiny hotdogs.

A small sausage served at Burton Albion for £3 was dubbed ‘disgraceful’ by fans, who joked they would’ve thrown the food back 

One served at Morecambe cost a whopping £4 and another at fellow League One outfit Burton Albion was £3.

But both had a miniscule sausage which looked lost in the buns.

Wolves fan Matthew David said: ‘That’s disgraceful.’

Another added: ‘I’d throw that back at them.’

Championship side Birmingham City were also slammed for selling cheesy chips – which was a slice of processed cheese next to the fries for £4.

One supporter said: ‘I’d appeal and get your money back.’ 

A flood of responses to the photos have argued football fans should appeal for their money back after being served the shameful meals 

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