Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 14

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Sometimes it just sensible or practical to keep some developments to yourself. In your heart you know that other people need to know. Even if you are trying to protect someone from getting hurt, sooner or later they are going to find out. It would be better coming from you.


You can see where a partner’s careless spending is going to lead. It won’t take long before they look to you for a loan. You’re tired of taking a cautious approach to money when others can be so careless. If you have cash to spare, splash out on a treat for yourself before it is claimed by others.


Being around lively people who make things happen will inspire and uplift you. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere when like-minded friends get together. Don’t worry about all the jobs you have to do. It does you good to take time off every now and again to have some fun.


A joint project may go slightly awry when ideas that seemed good at the time will prove to be more costly than initially considered. Someone who has been taking pictures will notice something interesting that can be returned to and expanded. Goals are once again in reach.


You will have a natural affinity with a material you are working with in a creative project. Many people admire and appreciate your talents and draw inspiration from your work. Whether you are building, designing or creating something special, you can be relied on to come up with some unique and incredible ideas.


You just want to crack on with a team effort. Other members of your team are taking time off or have responsibilities elsewhere. This won’t stop you from getting on with what you want to do. You are aware of a deadline looming and you don’t want to fall behind.


A rota is being put together for people to man a display, exhibition or community event. There are a number of benefits to volunteering as this could put you in touch with someone who can help you find new outlets for your creative and artistic ambitions.


A plum assignment will be offered and this will present you with an intellectual challenge. Expect to have to do some intense research before you are able to write a report or submit a form that takes you onto the next stage of this venture. Conversations will need a mix of sensitivity and honesty. Getting the balance right will not be easy.


There’s a strange and curious sensation which came first to some events. You can’t remember whether you approached someone or they approached you with a joint proposition. This does not really matter. What’s important is you are together now, looking forward to a joint undertaking.


You will try to hide your emotions but all this does is make for misunderstandings. Other people see you as being mainly cool, calm and collected. You don’t always feel that way. Sometimes it is no bad thing to show your emotions. This lets people know you have feelings too and you deserve some respect.


Agreements thrashed out by a number of departments will ease a problematic situation. Officials are sending out a big message that certain procedures will no longer be tolerated. A public presentation will receive mixed feedback. You’re slowly pushing your way towards the place you want to be.


Better facilities are being introduced to avoid frustrating issues. Officials agree that discussions will continue in the hope they can continue to improve services. You feel there is reason to be optimistic as you are already seeing an improvement due to recent changes.

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