Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 23

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You may not be feeling very sociable when your mind is on recent conversations and confusing events. You have a lot to think about including tackling your number one priority which is to keep your future financially secure. Decisions will be made only after careful thought.


The start of the day seems relatively inactive. After having to deal with a number of pressing responsibilities it will be a relief to have this chance to take a breather. A part of you will want to join friends who are planning fun activities yet another side of you just wants to take a break from it all.


Arguments between your best friend and partner are starting to make you feel ill at ease. It’s never easy when the two favourite people in your life are always squabbling. You aren’t sure how much more of this tension you can take and it could lead to a choice between one and the other.


If someone is demanding too much from you it only takes a two lettered word to get them to back off. You can’t keep on giving and getting nothing in return. Find the courage to use the word ‘no’ more often and to start living your life in a way that suits you and not others.


You want to get out more. It is starting to feel as if everyday responsibilities and commitments to your family are robbing you of the chance to have a more active social life. Delegation could be the key. People can’t expect to keep on relying on you so heavily and depriving you of having some fun.


Job and financial matters continue to need some careful consideration. After a tense time, don’t feel guilty about wanting to take a break from the more serious matters of your world. Flow with weekend events. Take this chance to unwind with your family and friends.


You’ve got so much to do that you don’t know where to start and that’s your excuse for doing nothing. This isn’t going to help you make progress. Make an inventory of the most important jobs you should be tackling and then get busy and get on with it. 


Someone will suggest some great ways to promote a fundraising project you are involved in. Not only this but they will be willing to roll up their sleeves and give practical assistance. Your ability to act when you see a good opportunity will steer you into a better financial position.


You are starting to notice some huge differences between yourself and a new friend or partner. Someone is trying to influence your decisions on how to live your life. You won’t take too kindly to their interference. 


You’re wondering if it is worth continuing with someone who doesn’t seem to understand you. This relationship could still work but only if you are both willing to pull together and work on it. Are you single? Why try to ignore a strong attraction that is brewing in the workplace?


It will be a stranger who steps in to handle a weird and unexpected situation. You won’t be the only one who is impressed by their swift actions. You might want to find out more about them. Accept a chance offered to join a new circle of friends. Follow your instincts and this will lead you in directions new to you. 


An invitation to help set up a glamorous event will bring a happy opportunity to mix business with pleasure. If you are hoping to improve your career or community status, pay attention to creative ideas now being shared. Enjoy any chance you get to use your imagination. Friends will be open to new ideas.

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