Strictly fans in tears as BBC show gives nod to Bruce Forsyth in emotional dance

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    Fans of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing were left tearry eyed after the programme paid a touching tribute to former host Bruce Forsyth.

    To celebrate 100 years of the BBC, Strictly opened up with an energetic dance sequence that shun light on some of Britain's most loved TV shows.

    But as the professional dancers took to the stage in the famous Strictly ballroom, a TV screen appeared which showed Bruce, who passed away in 2017 alongside Terry Wogan who also sadly died in 2016.

    Seeing the special tribute made on the screen, fans and famous faces shared their thoughts of the "nod" on Twitter.

    Former Strictly professinal James Jordan wrote: "Great nod to the amazing Bruce Forsyth."

    Another viewer chimed: "Not me bursting into tears at Tell & Bruce. Damn my kindle age hormones."

    A third said: "You can just imagine Bruce in the middle of all of this. Miss him so much."

    Meanwhile a fourth added: "Lovely touch to have a scene with both Terry Wogan (host of the original Come Dancing) and Bruce Forsyth in the #BBC100 intro to #Strictly tonight."

    Last month, presenter Tess Daly, spoke about her first encounters with Bruce who died aged 89 and how she felt intimidated to work alongside him.

    She said: "I remember being so intimidated because I was working with the late, great, Sir Bruce Forsyth, someone who I had grown up watching on the television with my family, and it was pure pinch yourself stuff.

    "He was such a gentleman and made me feel immediately at ease by offering to make me a cup of tea. He popped the kettle on and made me the perfect cuppa, and I just remember thinking, ‘oh my goodness, he's just like the rest of us.’

    "He was just so down to earth and so generous with his time and himself, so from that moment on I just began to enjoy the ride."

    The opening routine featured the cast of professional dancers as well as with 32 BBC stars and 14 TV programmes.

    During the energetic routine the processional dancers performed on the set of EastEnders, strutted in the BBC News studio alongside Huw Edwards playing the Ukelele and danced on the Match of The Day set.

    The intro also featured Jeremy Paxman and the cast of Teletubbies.

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