Horrific injuries of girl, 12, after she was mauled by dog in a park

These gory photos capture the gruesome injuries a 12-year-old girl suffered after a devil dog mauled her at a nature reserve.

Morgan Smith was savaged by the Neapolitan Mastiff on Sunday morning in a brutal attack.

The owner had to punch the dog to get him off the youngster, Bristol Live says.

Morgan's horrified mum Rosie said: "I really want this man to be caught.

"It was such a horrific incident, the dog absolutely savaged my daughter's arm."

The child needed five stitches in A&E after the bloodshed at Stockwood Nature Reserve, southeast Bristol.

After the attack, Rosie shouted at the owner: "Put your dog on a lead."

He reportedly replied: "He's never done anything like this before."

But nevertheless, police are investigating the mauling.

Rosie added: "She was in shock and I tried to clam her down and tell her it wasn't as bad as it actually was.

"Once she had calmed down I went into shock.

"I think he was a puppy and was being more playful than aggressive.

"He wasn't wearing a collar and wasn't on a lead. Our dog was on our lead.

"I have warned by daughter's school about it."

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