'I need to get my energy out'

Kate Middleton reveals Prince Louis, four, asks to play outside in the garden every day after school, telling his mum: ‘I need to get my energy out!’

  • Princess of Wales has revealed her youngest son Louis’ after school request 
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Kate Middleton has revealed the funny request Prince Louis makes every day after he has finished school.

All three of the Princess, 41, and Prince, 40, of Wales’ children go to the £50,000-a-year Lambrook school in Windsor.

The youngest, Louis, four, joined his older siblings Prince George, nine, and Princess Charlotte, seven, at school last September, when they all started the new academic year together.

And after a long day hitting the books, it appears that Louis needs to let off some steam.

Speaking last week, during a visit to a therapy garden at a rehabilitation centre in Wales, Kate revealed Louis likes spending time outdoors. She said: ‘Louis comes home and says “I need to get my energy out”.’ 

Prince Louis pictured with his mother Kate Middleton, on the way to Lambrook School for a settling in afternoon last September

As well as enjoying time in the garden at home, the Wales children also reportedly enjoy quality outdoor time during the school day.

Speaking about their school on the Lorraine show last September, when the children started the academic year, Sunday Times Royal Editor Roya Nikkhah said the Windsor school offered a different educational experience when compared to London schools.

She said: ‘The Cambridge’s want their children to have a different type of schooling.

‘It was a lovely first day at school for them…it’s the first time all three of them have been at the school together.

‘This is quite different, it’s all part of the big move to Windsor. It’s an amazing school.’

Describing the school itself, Roya said: ‘It’s a very different set up. There’s a lot of emphasis on the outdoors, there’s animals there, a miniature golf course, peacocks that roam free throughout this school. 

‘It’s a very special, lovely school where children are encouraged to get outdoors.

‘That’s part of the plan for William and Kate for their children to get outdoors and have a more normal life.’ 

Spirited: Prince Louis (pictured in London in June 2022, during the Platinum Jubilee) tells his mother he needs to ‘burn energy’ in the garden after school

The school’s website says: ‘Each Monday all of our pupils in the Prep School have a dedicated ‘Enrichment Afternoon’ with opportunities for our pupils continue to complement their academic studies.

‘They can choose from Farming, Bee Keeping, Chess, Mountain Biking, Fencing, Judo, Film Making, Scuba Diving, Squash, Song writing, Mini Masterchef, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Golf (on our 9 hole course), Polo, Podcast making, Sewing, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis, Life Saving, Survival, Debating and Public Speaking. ‘ 

During their conversation, Roya and Lorraine also commented on Prince Louis’ ‘spirited’ attitude.

Roya said: ‘As we’ve seen from the Jubilee, Louis is a very spirited little boy.’ 

Lorraine agreed saying: ‘Yes, and I think this is something a lot of parents can relate to.’ 

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