I'm a pro cleaner – here are my eight ESSENTIAL kitchen products

I’m a professional cleaner – here are my eight ESSENTIAL kitchen products

  • A cleaning professional has shared eight cleaning staples that you need to buy
  • Libby Denney, 28, swears by a cheap bleach that costs just £1.49 from Tesco  
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A professional cleaner has shared the only products you will ever need in your cupboard. 

Libby Denney, 28, has been cleaning houses for more than a decade, so she has a few old faithful items to rely on. 

And you won’t have to splash the cash, as the cleaning-pro swears by a beach that costs just  £1.49 from Tesco stores.  

Sharing eight must-have items to her 109,000 TikTok followers, Libby said: ‘These are the only you’ll ever need.’

Things i wouldnt have in my home as a professional cleaner 🤢 let me know if you want more #cleaning #homedecor #cleaninghacks #fyp #viral

According to a pro cleaner and TikToker, there are only eight cleaning products you will ever need to invest in 

Thankfully, homeowners won’t need to break the bank to clean their house and may even have some suggested items in their cupboards already 

First up was Domestos bleach, the cheap product can be found on the shelves of just about any supermarket, and costs as little as £1.49. 

Libby explained: ‘You need it, cheap bleach is fine, I find Domestos bleach works better. Smells better and lasts longer.’ 

Another handy product, according to the cleaner, is Elbow grease spray. Libby said: ‘It’s perfect for your extractor fans, inside your ovens, anything grease to clean outside your kitchen cupboards, any stains on clothing, any stains on fabric.’ 

‘It’s fantastic, it’s an all-rounder, you need it,’ she added. 

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Most people will already have Libby’s next recommendation sitting in their kitchen. Telling her followers to buy some fairy liquid, she said: ‘I mean this is a no brainer. 

The cleaning pro said she cleans her floors with just fairy liquid and bleach, she said: ‘You don’t need any of these fancy products, those two do the job.’

Libby’s fourth handy product was Astonish window cleaner, which can be bought from Asda Groceries for just 99 pence.

To get rid of pesky limescale stains, Libby recommended using Viakal, she said: ‘This one is perfect for limescale on shower screens, on taps, on your draining boards, absolutely fantastic 100 per cent recommend this product.’

The slightly more expensive product can be found in supermarkets such as Asda for £3.00.  

The cleaning expert said she loves the smell of Dettol and, if you leave it soaking in a mop bucket, it will make your house smell amazing 

For those with a grimy oven, Libby suggested splurging on Easy-off oven cleaner, the miracle product can be found on Amazon for £14.99

Another handy product many cleaning enthusiasts will already have is Dettol, Libby said: ‘I love the smell of it’

Sharing a Dettol tip with her followers, she said: ‘Leave it in your mop bucket and the full house smells amazing.’

For homeowners whose oven’s are in need of a deep clean, Easy-Off heavy duty oven cleaner is the way to go.  

The product can be purchased on Amazon at a higher price of £14.99, but Libby swears by it. 

She said: ‘[This is] the best over cleaner I am ever ever going to recommend in my life.’

The cleaner recommends leaving the spray on for longer than advised, for 10 to 15 minutes and says ‘it just wipes off.’ 

And, finally, to clean your bathroom and shower, Libby ‘highly recommends’ using the Astonish cream cleaner with bleach.  

Wrapping up the video, the cleaning expert said: ‘You don’t need anything more than that, that’s what I use at home.’ 

Since it was posted, the video, which was posted under Libby’s business account, @thecleancompany, has raked in over 296,000 views. 

The popular post has seen hundreds of comments from users in agreement with Libby’s recommendations. 

One person wrote: ‘I agree with all these and love the smell of Dettol. I’d also add the Astonish mold and mildew to the list.’

Another person added: ‘Yes! The best bleach.’ A third user wrote: ‘Elbow grease is amazing.’ 

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