Im good looking and have loads of drunk sex but cant find a relationship

I have sex with loads of people, but they never want to see me again.

I know I’m good looking. I never have any trouble hooking up with decent guys and girls online or in clubs.

But a night of drunken passion is never followed by a proper date. I’ve given up waiting to be asked out so always make a point of being proactive myself, but no-one’s interested in hanging about the morning after. If fact, they can’t get away from me fast enough.

I’ve never really had a proper relationship and I’m dying inside. How do I handle this constant rejection?

JANE SAYS: Whatever you’re doing, change it. All of it. Clearly the way you’re operating isn’t working.Why does every date end in drunken sex? Are you giving away too much of yourself?

If you’re desperate to please and find love, then I fear that desperation is coming out in your behaviour and it’s not attractive. Calm down and chill out. Speak to a trusted mate or relative about how you’re feeling and where you’re ­going wrong.

Be prepared to take constructive criticism and go right back to basics if it’ll result in more meaningful relationships in future. You’re not a failure and don’t ever think you are.

Call The Samaritans (116 123) if ever you need support.


How do I separate my new girlfriend from her phone? I’ve been on a few dates with her, and I really like her. Sadly, she really likes her mobile too.

I’ve spent money in fancy bars only for her to constantly check her messages and feeds. I suspect it might be a prop because she’s nervous, but I’m bored of taking second place.

JANE SAYS: Take the lead and suggest a phone-free evening the next time you meet.

Emphasise that you are desperate to get to know her as a person and that her undivided attention would be nice. Suggest she sticks her phone in her pocket, while you do the same.

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