Woman sent me nude minutes after first date – Im freaked and its got worse

I was shocked when my new girlfriend sent me a boob pic minutes after our first date. I’d just walked her home when the explicit image pinged up on my phone.

Now she sends me intimate pictures of her naked anatomy several times a day. How do I tell her to stop without her thinking me prudish? My sister thinks she gets a kick out of shocking and freaking me out.

JANE SAYS: If you don’t like the images, ask her to stop. Speaking up won’t imply that you’re old fashioned, simply honest, and real.

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Sadly, if she does get a kick out of embarrassing you, then show her the door. Doesn’t she think it’s odd that you never send any in return?

My partner is ultra-impressionable. She’s tried everything from yoga to yachting. She’s been vegan, pagan and bisexual.

Her latest idea involves us attending a sexual awareness retreat in a trendy hotel. Apparently, we’ll explore our bodies, discuss our sexual desires and emerge horny.

I’m sceptical, embarrassed and, if I’m completely honest, reluctant to spend the money. Yet when I tell her this, she accuses me of having a closed mind and says I’m guilty of standing still. How do I get out of this?

JANE SAYS: It’s good to keep an open mind and try new things. But you’re entitled to your opinion, especially if you’re expected to pay. You need to be honest with your partner and true to yourself.

Does she have any literature she can show you about this workshop? If you’re still determined that this idea is not for you, is there something else the two of you can try to bring you closer together?

Keep talking and agree to compromise. She has to accept she cannot bully you into something you’re just not comfortable with.

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