Ive always been the fat friend – its the most miserable existence

A lad has shared his experience of being the token ‘fat friend’ – and has admitted that is a ‘miserable existence'.

Grayson Grant, from the US, is currently on a weight loss journey and has already dropped 27lbs (1.9 stone).

Despite his efforts to get slimmer, the lad shared that he is still seen as his weight and is often referred to as the ‘larger’ bloke out of his friendship group.

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In a TikTok clip posted to his 335,000 followers, Grayson has confessed his feelings towards being labelled as the ‘fat friend’.

He explained: “First off let me give you my credentials, I am the fat friend and I’ve been the fat friend for most of my life.

“Although, I’m trying to fix that.

“I go to the gym three, four days a week. I lost 27lbs so far and I’m quite proud of that.

“But as someone who has spent his entire life, his entire adolescence as the fat kid trope. It is the most dehumanising, miserable existence that a person can have," Grayson candidly claimed.

“Granted not all of my friends were like this.

“But I don’t think you really understand what it feels like to be the constant centred of a punchline or a joke.”

Sadly, Grayson admitted: “People’s first reaction when they looks at you is to either laugh or just be in disgust.

“Forget confidence, forget being happy and you can forget relationships.

“You only exist for their entertainment.

"But do you know what? I don’t want to be the fat kid anymore and I’m gonna die trying to fix that."

Since being posted, the clip has racked up millions of views and endless amounts of comments from people saddened by Grayson’s ordeal.

One person commented: “Keep going brother! Love your attitude! You got this!”

Another user added: “Congratulations on the weight loss. BUT you don't need to lose weight to make you worth respect. You should be treated with love no matter your size.”

While a third person voiced: “You deserve respect and friendship no matter your size!”

Someone else expressed: “No one deserves to be a punchline. It's awesome that you're trying to be healthier, but people who did that to you will still have poor character.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user declared: “That’s so sad, you shouldn’t have to change yourself to deserve respect and love.”


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