Mind-bending optical illusion has 25 hidden animals – only 0.1% can spot them

Optical illusions can be quite confusing and difficult to understand at times.

Some have hidden clues within the images, while others often deceive people into seeing another object.

But now a new mind-boggling brainteaser has hit the scene – and we're sure it's going to leave you puzzled.

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There are about 25 animals hiding in this image and people are asked to spot all of them within two minutes.

And if you just about succeed, you'll be in the top 0.1% of players who can.

The portrait has been designed in the style of 16th century Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

He was renowned for creating human heads out of food and objects.

In the image, you should be able to find an elephant, horse, tiger, fox, kangaroo and bear.

There's also a sloth, grasshopper and peacock lurking somewhere in the image.

Players with a good eye for detail can even find a tortoise, rabbit and gorilla within the mind-boggling brainteaser.

There are 25 animals in the illusion and if you can find all creatures within two minutes, you could be in the top 0.1%.

If you've spotted them, you'll have to tell us all about it in the comments section below.

Good luck!

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