Kai & Jenna’s Relationship On ‘Are You The One’ Is Already Dividing Fans

Kai and Jenna were one of the first couples to hit it off on the newest season of MTV’s Are You The One, but they encountered some rocky roads pretty soon after they met. Kai seemed enthralled with Jenna at first, and there’s still obviously something between them. But his immediate flirtations with some of the show’s other castmates put a damper on things, and it’s unclear how they’ll proceed from here. If it’s destiny that Kai and Jenna are together after Are You The One, they’ll have to make some serious changes to how they operate as a couple, and hope the predetermined matches work in their favor.

First of all, there’s really no sign on Kai’s Instagram feed as to whether the couple is enduring to this day. The most Jenna can be found on his feed is in a post advertising the start of the season, and his caption says “the one could be anyone." So, take that to mean whatever you want. Jenna’s Instagram also shows no signs of Kai beyond the general photos of the entire cast, and neither of them seem to be flaunting any other romantic partner, either.

Of course, they could totally be together, or dating other people, and simply hiding those details for the sake of keeping things spoiler-free. They’re likely under some kind of secrecy contract with MTV, so as fun as social media snooping is, it might not yield any solid results.

Regardless of how things play out, fans are already rooting for Kai and Jenna. They have palpable chemistry, and even shared some super intimate moments that had nothing to do with romance. Jenna held Kai’s hand while he administered his hormone treatment, and they had refreshing, honest conversations about their sexualities and his trans identity.

It seemed like a great start to a relationship, but as any Are You The One viewer knows, first impressions can be deceiving. People were quick to turn on the relationship once it became clear that Kai wasn’t as invested as Jenna was right off the bat.

Kai threw things off early by sleeping around a bit, but in his defense, it’s early in the game, and it might make strategic sense to mingle with more than one person. Though the name of the game is to find love, it’s not as easy as simply cultivating a relationship with someone. Are You The One tosses a group of singles into a house together, all of whom have a predetermined match somewhere within the cast. If they all figure out who their “perfect match” is by the end of the season, they split a $1 million prize.

So, even if Kai and Jenna move past Kai’s relationships with other people, that might not be the wisest decision in terms of actually winning the game. Hopefully they’ll get voted into the truth booth — the only tool at the contestants’ disposal that can confirm or deny that a couple is a match — before too long, and this whole thing will be settled for the house, and curious viewers, once and for all.

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