Kourtney Kardashian mounts Travis Barker during steamy kissing session

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Get a room.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were caught hardcore making out Tuesday on a beach in California by some fans.

Photos obtained by TMZ show the Poosh founder mounting her fiancé surrounded by innocent people who certainly didn’t ask for the disruption.

At one point, the Blink-182 drummer even began tugging on Kardashian’s jeans to pull them down (though she was also wearing a black swimsuit). Eventually, the two switched positions to have Barker on top of Kardashian.

Eyewitnesses told the outlet that the hot-and-heavy couple are staying at the Montage resort in Laguna Beach. When their sexual antics became a little too much, beachgoers — including a family with children — reportedly approached the stars, perhaps to tell them to knock it off.

The timing of the romantic getaway frankly is a real chef’s kiss, as the former “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, 42, was just ripped Wednesday for agreeing with her sister Kim Kardashian’s stance on work ethic because she is always on vacation — or refusing to work.

“Not Kourtney saying ‘that’s so true,’” quipped a Twitter user. “Kourtney goes on more vacations in a three month period than most ppl including myself go on in an entire lifetime.”

“[Kim] do be working… but is Kourtney cosigning? The one of them who FAMOUSLY stood on the ‘I dont wanna work, I just wanna be fabulous and famous’ soap box?! And literally CRIED about it,” recalled another fan.

Perhaps Barker, 46, and Kourtney are still reaping the benefits of their “crazy” sex fast, which she recently said “made everything better” in their relationship.

“Like, if you can’t have caffeine, when you have your first matcha, it’s so good,” she told Bustle.

The pair started dating in January 2021 and got engaged in October.

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