Michael Redd Sold Hometown Record For $4.5 Million

American former professional basketball player. He was drafted 43rd overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2000 NBA draft. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, where he attended West High School. He was also a member of the U.S. national basketball team, Michael Redd known for his time on the Milwaukee Bucks in the early aughts, along with his place on the Olympic gold medal-winning “Redeem Team”—has sold his Ohio home for $4.5 million. Located in the Columbus suburb of New Albany, the retired NBA player’s property is five-bedrooms, upwards of 10,000-square-feet, and roughly 4.4 acres—its price a reflection of that massive size.

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First listed for $6 million in September, the reduced $4.5 million final price tag still represents the most expensive home sale record in the area, though it shares that spot with an October deal in nearby Dublin, Ohio. Soon after he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2000, Redd purchased the land , completing the house around 2009, three years after marriage to his wife Achea. The couple declined to disclose the cost of the construction, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to Architectural Digest, Redd grew up in Columbus, his attachment to the town making the record-setting sale particularly exciting. The Redds lived in the house part-time until his retirement from the NBA in 2013. Since retirement, though, they’ve lived in the home full time with their two children. Fittingly equipped with a customized basketball court—and needless to say, plenty of room for entertaining—the property was the perfect location for the couple to host numerous parties and charitable events. A home gym, an elevator, and a massage room are also available.

Outdoors, a pool, an outdoor kitchen, a golf area, a playground, and a garage can be found. “For me, after having an arduous, long season, I wanted to come home and relax, like in a resort,” Redd told the Wall Street Journal. “That was the theme of the house when I built it—a place to escape, with amenities to heal from the season.” The Redds decided to sell because they wanted to be closer to their children’s school, which is around a 30 minute drive north.

Nowadays, along with being a family man, Michael Redd runs 22 Ventures, an investment firm that specializes in small businesses, and has authored several books on mental health. Still up for sale from the Redds is a buildable adjacent lot for $1.5 million.

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