Molly-Mae Hague suffers a nasty injury after attempting to remove acrylic nails at home

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With no certain date of when salons will reopen, it seems that Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague has (quite literally) taken matters into her own hands.

The reality star, 21, suffered a painful injury over the weekend after attempting to remove her grown-out acrylic nails. She shared the gory outcome on her Instagram account, and it’s enough to put anyone off doing the same.

“That’s enough nail DIY for one day,” Molly-Mae writes on her stories, sharing a look at her bloodied hand.


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The injury happened after Molly-Mae used a nail removal tool kit to try and pry the acrylic off her bare nails – which is never advisable.

The star first trimmed her nails down and then soaked them in acetone. This process is often used in salons to soften the nails and make them easier to peel away, but in Molly-Mae’s case it seems like she didn’t do it for long enough or they just weren’t ready to be removed.

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The Hertfordshire lass jumped on Instagram to share her “big fat juicy fail”, after realising the removal attempt was incredibly unsuccessful,

“The nail varnish has come off but the acrylic is still full thriving and rock solid,” she says. “I left them soaking for 20 mins…WTF.”

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After appearing to have given up on her DIY treatment, the Love Island later returned to Instagram with an update for her fans.

In the graphic snap, Molly’s hand is covered in blood and her index fingernail is almost snapped in two.

“If you know the pain…you know,” she writes.

After her major nail fail, Molly-Mae’s boyfriend and fellow Love Islander Tommy Fury quickly came to the rescue.

“Tommy came running in with a plaster and a nurofen,” the star jokes. “I think he thought I severed my hand off.”

Molly-Mae’s injury doesn’t seem to have stopped her from going about her daily influencing though, as she then shared her outfit details – complete with her newly bandaged finger.

The reality star posed for a snap in a brown leather dress, placing her hands strategically to hide her nail faux-pas.

Molly-Mae looks gorgeous as always, wearing her hair in a half-updo with natural bronzed make-up and perfectly groomed brows.

Though we’re not sure when nail salons will open their doors again, if you’re also suffering with grown-out acrylics, we recommend not attempting to force them off like Molly-Mae.

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