More comfortable in a passive role: Camillas lack of engagement during solo visit

Camilla is greeted by Stormtrooper in a kilt in Nairn

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Camilla chatted about art at the Nairn Community Centre, home to the Nairn Book and Arts Festival. The centre was built in 2007, and is a self-funded charity, where each year over 70,000 people meet and take part in various activities and interests. The building is a “vital part of the Nairn Community” according to their website, due to its popular events venue and vast programme of live shows and concerts.

Profits from the events go directly to the centre’s Community and Arts programme, and Camilla visited the centre today to find out more about their great work.

When Prince Charles and Camilla carry out royal engagements north of the border, they are known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay.

Therefore, on her royal solo outing to Nairn today, Camilla was referred to as the ‘Duchess of Rothesay’ when she met local communities in the town.

On Instagram, Clarence House wrote: “At Nairn Community Centre, which was built in 2007, HRH met locals who make up the 52 groups who use the centre, including creative writing groups and a local book club.

“The Duchess then officially opened the new #TeamHamish splashpad.

“Brave Hamish Hey lost his battle with cancer in February 2017, aged eight.

“The splashpad in Nairn was built in his memory and to thank the Community for their support throughout his illness.

“#TeamHamish was founded in May 2017 to create special family spaces, places and facilities within Nairn which could be enjoyed by all ages and abilities for many years to come.

“Her Royal Highness also said hello to members of the local community – and one well wisher looked out of this world!”

This well-wisher was someone dressed up as a Stormtrooper, who also happened to be sporting a traditional Scottish kilt.

The Duchess met some adorable dogs whilst meeting the crowds of people, where she appeared to be most happy.

Camilla was also wearing a plain trench coat as if to shy away from being centre stage and also seemed the happiest when was in the company of the dogs.

Body language expert Judi James spoke to about Camilla’s solo outing in Scotland, and analysed her behaviour in front of the crowd.

Judi said: “Camilla’s rather distant poses or her lack of eye contact here suggest a rather wary lack of engagement on this solo visit.

“Her handshake appears to lack enthusiasm, although her listening signals suggest she is more comfortable in a passive role than being the centre of attention as a top level royal.

“Her highest levels of confidence appear to be when she is meeting dogs or – randomly – a kilt-clad stormtrooper.

“She manages to look engaged in her chat with the stormtrooper and very comfortable petting or communicating with the dogs.”

Royal fans on Instagram were thrilled with the Duchess’s performance.

One wrote: “What a lovely engagement! Our Duchess seems to be busier than ever these days, she just doesn’t stop and she’s doing an amazing job! Great to watch, as always.”

Another simply put: “Camilla you are doing a fantastic job.”

This comes one day after the Duchess of Cornwall was carrying out royal engagements with Prince Charles in Scotland.

On Thursday the royal couple took part in an engagement where they hung a huge mosaic made out of knitted squares outside Dumfries House, one of Prince Charles’s Scottish residences. The aim of the project was to encourage the local community to take up knitting as a stress reliever and a bonding activity with others.

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