Mum, 37, slammed for dressing like shes 21 defies Karens with leggy outfit

A woman hit back at trolls who judged her for not dressing her age saying she doesn't give a damn.

Jodi Colins, 37, shares her mum outfits on TikTok to inspire other parents to boost their inner confidence.

But she recently recevied backlash after putting on a DIY dress in sparkly tulle.

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"You're 37. Why are you still dressing like you're 21?" one critic wrote to her.

The self-described "millenial mum" showed off her dress in the living room to give viewers a glance of the crystal encrusted bustier and star-motif skirt in navy.

She smiled and danced around the room and the caption read: "Why not, Karen?"

People have been reacting differently to her outfit, but some cruelly attacked her "aging look".

One commented: "That's got to be a typo. 47 maybe? Certainly not 37!"

"She doesn't look in her 30s in any post. At least not like anyone I know," another said and a third said there is "no way" she is 37 years old.

But fans have got her back and showed their support.

"You are gorgeous babe, wear whatever you want and don't let the hate slow you down," one shared.

A second praised: "There shouldn't be any dress code for ages above 18. You look stunning and your outfit is great!"

Jodi mentioned in her previous videos that she's been channelling her inner confidence to brush off the negative comments.

She defended herself saying: "I don't know anything about style, what am I doing on this app? How am I supposed to tell people how to dress? I have no style experience. My style is weird.

"These thoughts would have just spiralled in my head because I wasn't as confident as I am today

"And this why I preach about how inner confidence and self acceptance and self compassion are so important, much more important than your outfit."


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