Mum's brilliant 'delivery box' gift idea is great for anyone hard to buy for

A mum has shared how she made a tricked out gift box for her husband’s first Father’s Day, and it’s super cute.

Jessica made a homemade gift box full of treats, trinkets and letters which automatically falls open when the lid is taken off – perfect for the person in your life that’s hard to buy for.

She shared the idea on an Australian Facebook group, saying she had one too many Kmart delivery boxes to hand and decided to put one of them to good use.

Jessica wrote the words ‘Happy’, ‘First’, ‘Father’s’ and ‘Day’ on the four inner sides of the box, which becomes readable as the sides of the box fall open.

She also stuck Skittles and m&m packets, Ferrero Rocher and Lindt chocolates, a Snickers bar, $50 cash, new phone chargers and a selection of other little gifts inside.

The middle of the box was filled up with a personalised card that read ‘Jada loves daddy this much’.

‘I got this great gift idea from this group! My hubby’s first Father’s Day,’ Jessica wrote on the Facebook group.

‘I may need some more boxes for future gifts (well that’s my excuse anyway), back to online shopping.’

Commenters on Facebook seem to love the idea, with one writing: ‘You did a crazy awesome job and should be very proud to show it off. What a memorable first Father’s Day.’

Another wrote: ‘Fantastic job, I’m going to have heaps of boxes left over from my move, so I can give this a go,’ and yet another added: ‘Where was this weeks ago when I had no clue what to get my husband?’

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