My ex has gone back to her abusive boyfriend and is denying our son is mine

DEAR DEIDRE: THE mother of my child has gone back to her ex and has denied that our son is even mine.

We got together after meeting at a party two years ago. We are now both 27 and were single when we met.

But as soon as we got together, her ex started harassing her and threatened he’d take his own life if she continued to see me.

I reassured her and she ignored him for a while, but when our son was born, there was a shift in our relationship and she got scared.

She said our relationship didn’t feel the same and she was going back to her mum’s.

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I gave her some space but when I talked about us getting back together, she said I wasn’t the father of our son, denying me my rights as a dad.

I’ve been trying to arrange access through the courts but I know it’s going to be an expensive and lengthy process.

Meanwhile, I know that she’s back with her ex, who has a drug habit.

DEIDRE SAYS: Please contact the NPSCC (, 0808 800 5000) with your concerns about your son’s welfare.

As going through the courts is costly, talk to her about family mediation.

You can get information and support about this through Families Need Fathers (, 0300 0300 363).

You’re doing a great job but keep trying to impress on your ex that your relationship with your son is what’s important.

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