Ricky Gervais fears he will be left wheelchair-bound after partner Jane has to dress him

RICKY Gervais fears he’ll end up in a wheelchair due to a 30-year back problem.

The funnyman, 60, suffered a recurrence tying his shoelace while going for a run over the weekend.

The pain was so bad he wanted to scream “get me a f****** ambulance’”. Partner Jane Fallon had to help dress him.

Ricky said: “This is why I know I’ll end up in a f****** bucket one day.

"I’ve got tennis tomorrow, that’s got to be cancelled. Thank god I haven’t got a gig.

"Next tour, after this one, I’m changing the genre. It’s not stand-up, it’s sit-down.”

The Office star, on his Super Nature tour, first encountered problems when a tennis game in Italy left him bedridden.

He said Jane had to keep him “hydrated” with bottles off Budweiser which he peed in as he couldn’t walk to the bathroom.

Ricky said of his back problems: “It’s probably happened ten times significantly in 30 years, usually when I’m putting a toothbrush back or doing up a f****** shoelace.

"It’s horrible. You forget how much you rely on your spine.”

He is editing series three of Netflix comedy After Life and said: “I’m 99 per cent confident it will be the end. When you see it I think you’ll agree.

"It’s the best thing I’ve done. I’ve pulled out all the stops.”

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