My husband's drink problem has got too much – I'm ready to leave

DEAR DEIDRE: I NEED my husband to leave. His drink problem has got too much.

The past few years have been vile, with him blasting abuse at me and at my son, who is 13.

My boy isn’t his – he was five when we met. We are both in our early forties.

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After work he says he’s going to bed early but sits in his room and drinks. I no longer sleep with him.

He put our four-year-old daughter to bed the other evening. She came downstairs saying, “Daddy’s being funny”.

My husband was slurring his words in her room and his bum was hanging out of his boxer shorts.

He yelled at me and my daughter burst into tears.

He says it’s me who has to leave but my name is on the tenancy agreement.

I’ve got nowhere to go but I can’t bear him any longer.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is vital you keep the roof over your head with your children.

You can’t make him give up drinking but when your husband is sober, explain what he is doing to your family.

Your children are your priority, so tell your husband firmly he must find somewhere else to live while he gets help for the drinking.

You can both find support through, which helps addicts and their families.

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