Now you can buy ready meals for your dog

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Maybe some chicken and veg? Or how about beef with sweet potato?

Well now, you can give the same hearty meals to your dog – and there is no prep required.

HugMyDog have launched the UK’s first microwavable ready meals for dogs.

And don’t think that a speedy meal means one that lacks nutrition – each serving contains 100% British meat and seasonable vegetables, as well as essential vitamins and minerals to help your four-legged pal thrive.

The expert team of nutritionists at HugMyDog have developed recipes to meet the specific daily needs of puppies, adults and senior dogs. The range includes beef with sweet potato, chicken with carrots and pork with apple.

Each dish is made from human-grade prime cuts of meat, which is bone-free, does not include grains, legumes, or fillers, comprising just wholesome and nourishing ingredients.

Sara Pearson, a joint founder of The Hug Pet Food Company, says: ‘Historically, pet food choices have been wet (tinned), dry (kibble), ready-cooked or raw.

‘In the same way you would not dream of feeding your baby solely on a diet of tinned or dried food, it applies equally to a much-loved dog.

‘The new urban pet owners have come into the market with fresh eyes and understand that feeding their pets properly with a good and wholesome diet can extend life, minimise illness and generate health and happiness.’

And just like your own microwavable meals, you pierce the film sleeve, and pop it in the microwave for three minutes.

After you hear the ping, let the meal cool slightly and either divide up bowls for breakfast and dinner, or serve straight from the tray.

Will you be buying your hungry hound a microwavable meal?

Visit HugMyDog for more information.

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