Prince Harrys bunions and stepmum Camillas simple solution

Hidden away beneath ill fitting shoes, bunions are a secret agony for many.

So sufferers took comfort in the fact that Prince Harry seemed to be among their number, after spotting the familiar signs as the 37-year-old posed bare footed in an arty black and white photo with wife Meghan.

Fortunately for Harry, there may be a simple solution – and it's one his stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles can help him with.

The Duchess of Cornwall is devoted to the British footwear brand Sole Bliss, wearing more than 10 pairs of their surprisingly stylish footwear on regular rotation to ease her aching feet.

The 74 year-old once spoke about "screaming out in agony at the end of the day" due to her heels – and admitted she could no longer wear them.

She said: “That’s just one thing I have to accept. I’ve gone down to two inches – can’t do any more!”

The brand has now brought out their very first collection of men's trainers, and Prince Harry can expect a delivery any day.

Sole Bliss told OK!: "We're very excited to be sending our new Miracle Trainers to Prince Harry. We hope that Sole Bliss can be the first brand to sell to both male and female members of the Royal Family, on both sides of the Atlantic."

The new range is specifically chosen to protect limps and bumps using a special cushioning system for bunions.

The lace-up design come in four different colourways from crisp white, navy, black and a dark tan so they can be worn them with a variety of outfits.

Each shoe, both men's and women's come with a deep and wide toe box, three layers of memory foam, a bunion bed stretch panel and superior arch support to give you the maximum comfort.

While Harry has not spoken publicly about his bunions, podiatrists say he has clear signs of being a sufferer.

Podiatrist, Dina Gohal explained: "Mild bunion deformity, whereby there is a medial deviation of the joint attached to the big toe, making the bony appearance prominent. In his case, a likely cause of this condition is the high impact training and action he underwent while in the Armed Forces."

Meghan will have sympathy – she is said to have undergone an operation in 2014 to remove a bunion which left a 5cm scar on the inside of her left foot.

Fans noticed the scar in an appearance in 2018 when the Duke and Duchess visited New Zealand and as they took part in a Maori welcoming ceremony they had to take off their shoes.

They may be nearly 10,000 kilometres apart, but the future Queen Consort and Prince Harry finally have something in common that they can both relate to and bring them closer.

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