Reddit users spot Co-op built inside castle but its actually shopping centre

A Co-op has gone viral on Reddit as it looks a "castle".

People on the social media forum showed the supermarket inside a fortress from the Middle Ages.

It features three towers and what looks like battlements all the way along its exterior walls.

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And if you're really wondering where you can find that Co-op, it's located in Devon, near Newton Abbot.

Its characteristics left many people questioning the history of the building.

One asked on the platform: "Is it an actual castle or just a building that's made to look like a castle?

"Either way, it looks nice but it's a shame it's Co-op though, especially if it is an actual castle."

In response, another added: "That's awesome, every shopping trip would feel like a noble quest."

Another joked it must contain "produce fit for a king".

And even fans on Instagram went wild for it after it was shared on the @thearchbishopofbanterbury page.

While users were amazed and claimed it resembled something from Shrek, one person said: "Looks more like a prison."

But sadly before your mind wanders, Co-op confirmed the building isn't actually a real castle.

Instead it's part of a wider shopping complex called Trago Mills in Newton Abbot which was built in the early 1960s.

The buildings were designed to have a castle-inspired profile with white towers and black framed windows.

Co-op store manager Matt Evans told the Sun: "It's not quite a medieval castle as it dates back to the early 1980s."

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He added: "All the team love our very unique Co-op store which often attracts the attention of tourists to the area.

"However far from just being fit for royalty, our doors are open to the whole community."

The store is just one of Co-op's 2,500 supermarkets across the UK.

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