The One Thing Princess Charlotte Has That Kate Middleton Doesn’t

Kate Middleton and her young daughter, Princess Charlotte, have lives that we can only imagine in our wildest dreams. They get to live in a palace, attend special events, ride in luxurious cars and horse-drawn carriages, and have an amazingly huge fanbase.

When you take all of this into consideration, it seems that Duchess Kate and Princess Charlotte most definitely have it all, and in some ways, they do. Being a royal is something that only a very few people in the world get to experience, and most fans often wonder how it feels to be part of the world’s most famous family. 

The royals are a pretty exciting bunch — we have to admit that! Most everything that they do makes headlines, and fans line up in the streets just to catch a quick glimpse of them.

In addition to all of this, they have the honor of using special titles. Most family members are known as princes, princesses, dukes, and duchesses, depending upon how far they are from taking the throne. In a family that really has just about everything, we can’t help but wonder: what is the one thing that Princess Charlotte has that her mother, Duchess Kate, does not?

The British line of succession can be confusing

While we all know that Queen Elizabeth is the current ruling monarch, we have to say that the line of succession is a little mind-boggling. It used to be that Prince Charles was next in line, then Prince William, and after him, Prince Harry.

Since Prince Charles is the oldest of all of his siblings, and so is Prince William, their positions didn’t change. When Duchess Kate and Prince William had children, Prince Harry was bumped back to 6th in line.

If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have more kids, or when Prince George has children of his own, Prince Harry will be pushed back further. The positions are constantly changing for family members, and those who are in the direct line of succession are only Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George.

Is Kate Middleton a future queen?

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the launch of the @national_emergencies_trust_ — an independent charity which will provide an emergency response to disasters in the UK. The NET was created as a result of discussions held within the charitable sector about how to effectively respond to national emergencies following recent devastating tragedies, including the Grenfell Tower fire, and the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester in 2017. Speaking at the launch, The Duke of Cambridge said: “Just now and on previous occasions, it has been humbling to speak to survivors of the London Bridge and Manchester attacks, the Cumbria floods, the Grenfell Tower fire and other disasters here in the UK. Their stories are as heart-breaking as they are inspiring. Their resilience and strength are deeply humbling. I am very pleased that the National Emergencies Trust now stands ready to provide a structured, organised response to help people right across the UK in the event of a domestic disaster.” ? @kensingtonroyal / Press Association

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As the wife of the future king, Duchess Kate won’t be a ruling monarch. Instead, she will have the title of either princess or queen consort.

What does it mean to be a ruling consort? According to Quora, it just means that you are married to the person who actually took the throne. Either way, it is quite an honor, and we have to say Duchess Kate is perfect for the future role.

Before it happens though, Camilla Parker-Bowles will be the queen or princess consort, given that Prince Charles is next in line to be king.

What is the one thing that Princess Charlotte has that Kate Middleton doesn’t?

With all of the wonderful things that Middleton has going on in her life, what is the one thing that her daughter has that she doesn’t? The answer is simple: Charlotte has royal blood.

While Duchess Kate is very much a member of the family, she is not a direct descendant of the queen, and therefore, not in the royal bloodline. While the Duchess of Cambridge could only ever be a princess or queen consort, Princess Charlotte would be a queen regnant since she has a blood connection to the family.

So, will Charlotte ever be queen? According to Romper, she could, but it is not likely. Since her older brother, Prince George will become king after the death of Prince William, the only way Princess Charlotte will ever take the British throne is if something terrible were to happen to Prince George either before becoming king or before having children, in which case she would take the throne as a true queen. The only other scenario is if Prince George were to abdicate the throne.

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