The Reason Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Always Hold Hands in Public, According to Body Language Expert

It’s hard to think of a time when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t holding hands. The public display of affection isn’t something fans see often from members of the royal family that is until Harry started dating his wife.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex step out as a couple they almost always have their hands locked together. And now a body language expert offering an explanation as they do that all the time.

Meghan and Harry have always been openly affectionate with each other

Fans have gotten so used to seeing Meghan and Harry arm in arm that it would make headlines if they showed up somewhere together and weren’t holding hands.

The Sussexes have been showing PDA ever since they came out as a couple in 2017 when they attended an Invictus Games event together. That day they were not only holding hands but also hugging and smiling as they whispered to each other.

After the prince and former Suits star tied the knot, Meghan would often grab onto her hubby’s arm during royal engagements. Body language expert Judi James said that gesture “focuses the attention back onto Harry while making him look rather more alpha as he walks ahead with his chest splayed.”

Why the Sussexes are always holding hands

Another body language expert and astrologer, Inbaal Honigman, gave her take on why Meghan and Harry always hold onto one another hands in public.

“Looking at Harry and Meghan, they are certainly in love. They haven’t been married for that many years, and are still having babies, which is a very loving stage of a relationship. So their constant hand holding, cuddling, leaning on each other, are displays of affection, which are definitely genuine and not for the cameras,” Honigman told Express.

She also explained: “An emotional Leo (Meghan) leaning into a stable Virgo (Harry) is exactly where you’d expect those signs to be. Their eyes generally look at each other, or in the same direction … almost. They are in sync, but not fully in sync. They are likely to argue then makeup. Their relationship isn’t fully smooth sailing, but they’re both old enough to know that every problem has a solution, and every argument can be resolved with some love and some compassion.”

Something else Honigman picked up on is that “Their facial expressions are always complete — smiling eyes with a smiling mouth, a concerned face with a furrowed brow, a serious face. They don’t pull fake faces, but they’re not always 100% united in their responses. They know each other well, but have not morphed into one another, which in itself is actually healthy.” 

The expert weighs in on another couple who rarely show PDA

Honigman also weighed in on another royal couple who act the complete opposite of how Meghan and Harry act when the cameras are on them.

It’s very rare for Prince William and Kate Middleton to hold each other’s hand at an event. So rare in fact that when they do show affection in public, it becomes news and delights fans.

Honigman pointed out that: “William, interestingly, is rarely seen holding her hand — but is forever holding his own hand. Lacing his hands together is a self-soothing move, and when he feels alone, instead of reaching for his business–like wife’s hand, he reaches for his own. Even their awkward dancing photos together, from their youth, their hands barely touch.” 

However, she added that doesn’t mean there’s trouble in paradise noting: “Their eyes usually look in the same direction, which is a sign of a fantastic union, who are determined to achieve their goals together. They are united in their joint mission, as a couple and as royals.”

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