The Right Fit: Finding the best shapewear for your body

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, it’s always important to feel your very best in all the new fashion trends. And in order to feel your best self in what you’re wearing, sometimes it starts with finding the right shapewear.

For so many women, finding the perfect shapewear is a struggle. Lori Bergamotto, style director at Good Housekeeping magazine, gave “Good Morning America” the 411 on different styles of shapewear she says will help women with a number of different fit issues.

Check out our guide below to find the perfect shapewear for your body.

Seamless construction, like a form-fitting slip skirt, makes for a smoother fit and prevents rolls. Bergamotto says that a form-fitting slip skirt will be in style this season.

To smooth out any unwanted back rolls or to tame that muffin top, Bergamotto says the key is to smooth out all areas of the body with shapewear that doesn’t suffocate just one area. Instead, try something like an all-in-one slimmer that you can customize with a bra of your choice.

Bergamotto says that this style is the best combo of a bra and shapewear and will solve all bulge problems that come with wearing a pair of pants. A style like this has smoothing fabric to get rid of bra-induced back-fat.

A full body suit like this one has its benefits. Bergamotto says that this particular body suit scored high points on Good Housekeeping for being comfortable and holding everything in place.

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