Toddler screams after being bitten by bat in cot at 2am terrifying mum

The parents of a toddler who woke up screaming in the middle of the night were shocked when they found out he had been bitten by a bat.

Two-year-old Kian Mallinson was taken to hospital for a precautionary rabies jab following the bat attack, according to The Sun.

His horrified mum Jodie Smith, from Hull, told the newspaper she later noticed the bat crawl across the floor.

When she found Kian at the end of his cot, crying and screaming, she had no idea what had happened.

"He's not talking yet, so he couldn't tell me what was wrong," she said.

She took him to her own bed, suspecting he had stomach ache.

It was only when they woke the next morning that she spotted three tiny marks on his arms and returned to his room to investigate.

The said the bat fell out as she flicked up the duvet to make Kian's bed.

She said she has "never screamed so loudly", initially fearing it was a tarantula.

Her partner, Jack Mallinson, 30, ran upstairs to help and prodded at the creature with a coathanger.

The couple picked up the bat and put it outside.

Kian was taken to their doctors who sent him to Leeds General Infirmary for the rabies jab.

The couple say they can't believe what happened. The bat, which is thought to have been a tiny Pipistrelle, died hours after it was caught and has been sent for tests.

Pipistrelles are common throughout the UK and emerge at dusk for a few hours to feed before returning to their roosts.

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