Twerking bride in thong performs red-hot lapdance at own wedding

A bride has left the internet the gobsmacked after flaunting her booty in a backless wedding dress and performing a raunchy dance for the groom.

In a viral video uploaded on Instagram and watched 3 million times on Twitter, the bride strokes the hair of her husband who is wearing a white jacket and seated in a chair.

She then walks around to the front and bends over to bare her bum in a white bridal thong, then does a steamy lapdance for the groom.

The camera pans around to show her bridesmaids performing as backing dancers and the bride then throws herself to the floor for some twerking.

It was originally filmed by user @_1karin but somehow got shared online, sparking a debate about whether the steamy twist on the first dance was fun and creative or trashy.

One person commented: "Me making my 'ready to go' face to my plus one."

A second critic said: "It’s the number of people that had to approve this ahead of time for me. Bridesmaids are in on it? Nobody shut this down?"

Leaping into the defence, another user tweeted: "It's sad how you can't even have fun at your own wedding reception without being judged.

"She's dancing for her man. Modesty is a term that was created by a man who was insecure about showing off his mate.

"There's no such thing as it."

Another person wrote: "I love this for them. She happy, he happy, everybody there happy and yall online hating.

"Beautiful reception and they're having a lot of fun, 10/10!"

This comes after a shocked guest at another wedding overhead one of the bridesmaids gossiping about nearly having sex with the groom after the pair began flirting via their phones.

People begged the worried wedding guest, who posted to a forum for advice, to tell the bride about the liaison so she could get her marriage annulled.

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