Woman catches cooties from kissing man with stubble and gets blisters on chin

A woman has grossed out the internet after revealing her red chin blisters that she claimed she got after kissing a man who had scratchy stubble.

In a video, Hannah @hannahwitts42 shows how her skin progresses from slightly pink with a couple of hives or pimples, to red, to blistered and oozing.

When the infection gets out of control, she has her chin bandaged up so it can heal.

Hannah made the TikTok video in response to another "stubble survivor" and joked in the caption: "I've been waiting to tell my story."

Since she uploaded the video on November 10 (Wednesday) it has been watched more than 8 million times and racked up thousands of comments.

Women who have also suffered the "beard burn" explained it comes down to how sensitive your skin is and the sharpness of your partner's hair when they shave.

One confessed: "This happened to me in college during sorority rush; I told them I fell down the stairs face first."

Someone else joked: "Ladies we've been too lax about cooties too long."

A third wrote: "I KNEW COOTIES WERE REAL."

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"Ma'am I hope you were financially compensated," quipped another viewer.

Meanwhile, others reckoned the sores were caused by impetigo, a type of contagious skin infection that can cause sores and blisters, or a severe case of contact dermatitis.

According to the NHS, if you have impetigo you can visit your doctor to be prescribed antibiotic cream to speed up your recovery and even antibiotic tablets if you have a very severe case.

Impetigo usually infects skin that is already damaged such as from eczema or abrasions from kissing somebody with sharp stubble.

This comes after a sex study found that men with beards are officially the "best in bed" according to straight women who were rating their sexual experiences.

Women noted the physical attributes of their most successful romantic partners and 73% said their best experience was with a man who had a beard.

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