Woman fuming after she spots odd necklace detail on Xmas gift from boyfriend

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A woman was left fuming after finding a Christmas gift from her boyfriend.

The lady took to TikTok to reveal she had spotted a pink jewellery box, which she thought contained a present from her man.

However, although the box contained a diamond necklace, she was 'devastated' when she realised that it wasn't for her.

In what appeared to be a shocking turn of events, the woman realised that the necklace actually had another woman's name of 'Jocelyn' on it.

The video, which she shared with her 498,000 followers on her @novarosee account, was captioned" “the math aint’ matching #cheaters”.

She then added: “I threw up all night.”

People were quick to voice their opinion on the shocking clip, as one wrote: “Give it to his momma and say you found it in his room.”

Another asked: “Maybe his sister or someone in his family?”

However, the clip may not be all as it seems, as it appears that the woman actually used the video to promote her jewellery brand.

Another TikTok video which has had people gobsmacked this week is an epic makeover by Portuguese social media star Gabriela Carminatti.

She took to the site to share her jaw-dropping makeup transformation.

And the video – shared on her @gabicarminatti account – has since gone viral, racking up an incredible 8.8million likes and 1.2million views.

It had viewers joking that she had transformed from the mother into the daughter amid her epic makeover.

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