We tried the Queens Christmas cocktail and its boozier than a Magaluf bar crawl

From greeting diplomats to accepting flowers from schoolchildren and the little matter of acting as Head Of State, The Queen is bewilderingly busy for a 95-year-old.

But while Her Majesty may be known for her golden rule 'never complain, never explain', it seems an equally fitting phrase would be 'work hard, play hard.'

Something you may not know about Queen Elizabeth is her fondness for a cocktail. She may live in a Palace, but she's not so different to you and I after all.

According to chef Darren McGrady, who cooked for the royal family for 15 years, Her Royal Highness likes to indulge in one particular cocktail before sitting down for Christmas lunch.

No, it's not a Pornstar Martini or a Sex on the Beach, but instead a Gin and Dubonnet (scroll down for the recipe).

I thought to myself, what is December for if not sampling new drinks approved by the Queen and letting the OK! readers know about it?

A quick Google told me that it only required four ingredients and the process for making it was exactly one step long – my kind of recipe.

I had the ice cubes required, I found a lemon lurking at the bottom of the fridge for the slice, and of course I had 25ml of gin in the house – I'm not an animal. The only thing missing was the 50ml of wine apertif Dubonnet. Luckily Jeff Bezos helped me out with that one, and an Amazon order only set me back £9.50.

I then threw all the ingredients into my new Home Bargains glassware, and hoped for the best.

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I respect The Queen for not wasting time with any mixers, and instead just combining alcohol with more alcohol.

I was half expecting it to taste like the welcome drinks you got on a Magaluf bar crawl for this reason, but I should have put more faith into Her Royal Highness because it slipped right down.

It was almost dangerously delicious. I found it very sweet, whereas my mum thought it was quite bitter. You may think I'm terrible at describing tastes, but you'd be wrong (I think).

The drink actually combines both, so we were just picking up on different notes as we gulped it down.

I honestly don't know how The Queen doesn't find herself doing an impromptu Insta Live every Christmas. After two of the drinks, I asked Alexa to play a Christmas song playlist and was posting videos of myself singing Justin Bieber's Mistletoe at 7pm.

I've learnt that the Queen has great taste in drinks and more self-control on social media than me. I would highly recommend raising a glass of the stuff this festive season. You can impress your family members by telling them, "My cocktail is actually approved by the Queen and OK!'s Josie Copson."

I'm sure they've heard of us both.*

*It's guaranteed that they haven't.

Recipe – Mix up your own Gin and Dubonnet

  • 50ml Dubonnet (or 2 parts)
  • 25ml Gin (or 1 part)
  • Lemon Wedge
  • Ice Cubes

Pour the gin and Dubonnet over lots of ice and stir. Add a lemon, if you like. Told you, it was simple!

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