Woman hides in car boot to catch friend trying to hit on her boyfriend

Student Samantha Grywalsky was shocked when a close friend started flirting with her boyfriend.

The 18-year-old from Michigan, US, was devastated to see the flirty messages sent to her boyfriend Jacob, 19, who she lives with.

When the friend asked Jacob to pick her up late at night, it was too much for Samantha and so she hatched a plan.

With Jacob’s help, she got into the boot of his car as he drove to pick the other woman up.

Samantha hid in the boot, listening to the conversation as Jacob opened the trunk under the guise of finding condoms for the night.

While Jacob pretended to rummage, the friend had dropped her shorts to her knees.

Seeing this from the back of the car, Samantha decided to swoop in and confront the gobsmacked pal.

‘I wanted to see how far she would take it and what she would do to my boyfriend behind closed doors,’ Samantha explained.

‘It was very small and very cramped. I’m 5″11 so I’m huge. So I was squished.

‘She got in the car and I was in the boot, but we had cracked the seats [forward] so I could hear a bit. It was a bit muffled.

‘I heard the door open and close, and then she shouted “Jacob”. It sounded to me like she was drunk but I found out later, she was completely sober. I was shocked.

‘I heard her say, “You have no idea how long I have wanted to f*** you”.

‘So my boyfriend was not really feeding into it so much, but was just going, “Oh yeah? Uhuh. What else?”.

‘[It was] just to try and get more out of her because he knew I was recording the whole thing.’

The friend could be heard saying all the things she wanted Jacob to do to her, which shocked Samantha.

Eventually, she came out of the boot to surprise the woman.

Samantha said: ‘It was so funny. She looked like her dog had just run into the street. It was like a frozen face of shock and she immediately dropped it when I half-smiled at her.

‘She said, “Hi Samantha” as if I didn’t already know. We were in the parking lot in the middle of the night – where did she think I came from?

‘I said to her “What you’re doing is really gross and I don’t appreciate any of the things you’ve said to Jacob knowing that not only are we together, but we live together. We are very serious and you have completely acted like that’s not important and you’ve put your own wants in front of a friend.”

‘She was saying, “What are you talking about?’ I said, “Are you serious? This is ridiculous”.’

Samantha had become mates with the girl during their studies where they kept bumping into one another.

When she first started dating Jacob, the friend had commented on how hot he was, which irked Samantha.

While the two are no longer friends, Samantha is happy her relationship is still going strong with Jacob.

‘It really showed me that he’s a very honest person,’ she said. ‘That was a good outcome of the whole situation.

‘I’m not a restrictive girlfriend by any means. I don’t go through his phone. He has girls who are just friends who I’m completely fine with.’

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