Fans Think They've Discovered an Insane Plot Twist in the 'Last Christmas' Trailer

Last Christmas is already my favorite movie and it’s not even out yet. This delightful holiday film stars Emilia Clarke as a vaguely Scrooge-y toy store elf who can’t enjoy the holidays because a mysterious medical problem has made her afraid to truly live. Enter the insanely perfect Henry Golding, who encourages her to help others and live life to the fullest. But like, maybe he’s too perfect. Maybe he’s so perfect that this trailer is actually playing us.

Twitter is pretty much convinced that Last Christmas’ trailer is more than it seems, to the point where my feed is so flooded with theories I can barely focus. So let’s dive in! First, here’s the trailer. Watch closely.

There are a few red flags to consider here. First of all, Henry’s character keeps appearing out of nowhere. Which, sure, is sort of a rom-com movie trope, but also seems…supernatural.

OMG, is he a ghost??? I smell an M. Night Shyamalan twist. #LastChristmasMovie

So not that it’s a bad thing but @paulfeig did the trailer seemingly give away the major twist that @henrygolding is a guardian angel, or a ghost, a hallucination, or Jesus? #LastChristmasMovie

Then, there’s the fact that he wears the same outfit in almost every shot in the trailer, despite none of them being the same scene. Does he not have other clothes? Or is this a GHOST WARDROBE?

henry golding doesn’t speak to anyone but emilia clarke in that trailer. he also wears the same outfit multiple times. therefore, he is a ghost, or her conscience, or her guardian angel.

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke’s character has a mystery illness—which almost definitely means that she’s going to have a near-death experience. Which brings us to the lyrics “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart.” Like, what if Henry Golding’s character QUITE LITERALLY gave her his heart last Christmas and now he’s back as an angel teaching her how to truly live!!!!!!!!!!

It’s based on the song Last Christmas so all I can think is that he literally gave her his heart. Like she had a transplant and he’s definitely the ghost of her heart donor

Okay so I’m going to make a guess that Henry golding is a ghost/angel that has come back to earth to visit Emilia’s character because she is the recipient of his heart. He’s here to be a reminder to Emilia that she deserved to live and that she should live life to the fullest

#LastChristmasMovie theory: Henry Golding is an angel, and Emilia Clarke received his heart in a transplant when she was sick. 🎵 Last Christmas I gave you my heart 🎵

If the twist in LAST CHRISTMAS really is that she has his transplanted heart, that inexplicably long and detailed trailer will have a lot to answer for.

Or maybe it’s just this:

All of us when it turns out to be a straightforward rom-com about two people falling in love at Christmas and living happily ever after

Either way.

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