Woman proudly shows off flat bum after trolls cruelly mock plus size body

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A curvy woman has hit back at trolls who called her "fat with no butt" by proudly displaying her figure on social media.

Hexsii, from US, often shares her stories on TikTok but is constantly met with fat-phobic comments.

But she hasn't let them get her down and regularly shows off her curves.

In one video, the woman reacts to a comment asking her "how do you have no butt?"

Wearing a white vest and an orange shorts, Hexsii jokes that she needs to a take a moment to "glorify obesity" as she dances to the music.

She turns around and shows her back while smiling to the camera as she brushes off the negative comments.

"They need big girls like me to show them it's okay to be happy in the body they're in," Hexsii said in another video.

"I'm not hurting anyone and I'm comfortable with myself."

Hexsii, who suffers borderline personality disorder, said people ask about her diet and worry about her health from time to time.

Sometimes she has "haters" asking her why she is on the platform "half naked".

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To that, she replied: "If you know me personally, that's how I am. It's how I am, it's my personality – I'm crazy, I'm funny, I'm wild and different. I don't need you."

Since Hexsii's video went viral, she also received a lot of positive comments from her supporters.

One said: "Let her live and do what she likes. She isn't affecting you, don't tell people how they should be living. It's her life."

Another wrote: "You're so beautiful. This stunning lady is so gorgeous."

"Everyone's body is different and stores fat differently because of the genetic makeup," a third noted.

Meanwhile, a woman has gone through a complete transformation and turned to a stunning model after being called a "fat b*tch".

Jazmyne Day ditched her nine-to-five desk job and found her interests in heavy weight training.

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